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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Photographer Rotta claims he had permission to take his photos of minors in Japan

Article: Photographer Rotta "The pictures I took in Japan were not hidden cameras"

Source: Mydaily via Nate

1. [+394, -16] Even his name is Rotta... is he expressing his personal taste in lolita with that name or what

2. [+341, -16] Why does he talk like that... if he likes lolita that much, screw off to Japan then

3. [+321, -20] It's not whether he had permission to take these photos or not that's the issue, why is he taking pictures of babies in the first place like some perverted man. F*ck, just go out and die. This is the second time I've written a comment on a news article and the first was for that rapist Jo Do Soon.

4. [+71, -0] I'm sure the mother of that child gave Rotta permission not knowing that he's a lolita photographer....;;;;

5. [+65, -1] Well did the mothers know that you're a lolita photographer when they gave you permission?

6. [+53, -0] He was buried by Tiffany's scandal but he also uploaded a picture of someone in traditional Japanese clothes on the 14th and 15th. What was he thinking?????

7. [+49, -2] He said with his own mouth that Rotta is a combination of lolita and otaku. Now that he's getting more attention, I'm sure he's realizing the repercussions of what he said in the past. I honestly wish he gets more famous so that all of this comes to light and he crashes and burns.

8. [+46, -0] If those mothers saw what your Instagram feed looked like, I don't think they would've given you permission

9. [+41, -1] Shut the f*ck up you perverted ba$tard

10. [+33, -0] Why hasn't he been arrested yet?????

11. [+31, -0] Would those Japanese mothers have given him permission if they saw his past work in lolita styles? I honestly wonder if he even properly explained his line of work before asking for their permission...

12. [+30, -0] I'm sure he received permission but I highly doubt they would've given him that permission if they saw a history of his past work



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