Park Shin Hye edits her apology over nail art controversy

Article: Park Shin Hye deletes apology over nail art controversy... "I'll remove it if it made you uncomfortable"

Source: Donga Ilbo via Nate

Initial apology: "I'll greet you in the remaining four episodes with neater nails. I decided to get (nail arts) done to hide a complex of mine but I suppose I'll remove it if it made the viewers so uncomfortable. I can remove it. Nothing hard about that.. Everyone! The weather's really hot lately. Don't needlessly get angered over something like this! I'd be grateful if you tuned in every week to watch 'Doctors' from the comfort of your room to see what happens to Hyejung, and our loving Kang Soo, who's sick... and to also see what happens to our sick Kang Soo!! Anyway, I know that my thumb nail is ugly. I'll work harder on my acting to make sure that the ugliness doesn't show ^-^ so please don't attack my nails. Hope everyone has a happy day. See you next week with 'Doctors'!!"

Edited version: 'I'll greet you in the remaining four episodes with neater nails. While I initially got the (nail arts) done to hide a complex of mine, I decided to remove them because I realized it might've made viewers uncomfortable. I'm sorry. Everyone!..."


1. [+709, -159] The way she talks... her attitude's starting to show...

2. [+647, -137] What's up with her now

3. [+463, -105] The nail art was so wrong though. I think she's too focused on looking pretty. At least she's a good actor and we all know she's pretty already so I hope she works on becoming an actor who can catch these details about her role.

4. [+163, -12] Viewers had every right to criticize her on that but she's responding as if people are just picking a fight with her because it's hot and they're bored. Sure her nails aren't that important but it's wrong of her to treat the people criticizing her as if they're weird for thinking so.

5. [+155, -18] Her apology reads like "fine I'll remove it now screw off ㅡㅡ"

6. [+145, -22] Wow look at her attitude..

7. [+142, -13] So many people unveiling their true colors lately..

8. [+124, -13] The way she talked in the unedited apology... I'm a bit disappointed in her

9. [+116, -17] Huk... her initial apology sounded like she was so peeved

10. [+108, -7] Don't get needlessly angry...? Viewers merely criticized her on something that she as an actress should've realized about her own character. I really liked Park Shin Hye as an actor but it feels like she's too focused on making herself look pretty lately than her actual acting...

11. [+105, -10] What's up with her tone? Viewers were distracted by her nails and rightfully criticized her so. Isn't it her job to make sure she's living up to her character? Instead she's more worried about looking pretty on camera without a care for her character in a medical drama ㅡㅡ you can tell she has an attitude from the way she worded this

12. [+94, -11] Quite an aggressive tone. It sounds like she wrote it after reading some hateful comments and got pissed. She should've spoken in response to the fans and viewers who criticized her with good intentions. What is she doing?

13. [+83, -10] She should learn to be more humble, her attitude's starting to show

14. [+82, -5] You can tell what a person's like from how they write... and her attitude is showing right through. She should be more careful in the future and learn to be more humble...

15. [+79, -7] If any other female celebrity had acted like this, people would be up in arms but everyone's more lenient because it's Park Shin Hye. Imagine if Lee Sung Kyung wrote something like this? She'd be dust by now. I think all celebrities would benefit from staying off of SNS after seeing this.