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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Music agencies continue to branch into acting

Article: "We're past the age where we only train singers"

Source: Segye Ilbo via Naver

Article talks about how music agencies are branching into acting with companies like SM, YG, JYP, Starship, FNC, and TS signing actors and training their own acting talents.

1. [+3,261, -219] SM really needs to train their idols better before putting them into acting

2. [+2,664, -90] YG, please just focus on your singers... It's great that you're broadening your company but you have to at least do your jobs in your main area first

3. [+2,383, -55] JYP: We are now at an age where your CEO releases albums

4. [+2,339, -309] SM should not be allowed into acting at all. They take their untalented idols and stick them into movies and dramas, causing them all to fail. SM is like the cockroach that is dropping the quality of Korea's art culture.

5. [+1,211, -52] Please branch into acting after you've made some decent songs...

6. [+386, -46] Does SM not have any acting teachers? All of their idols suck

7. [+250, -25] It's best for singers to be trained by music agencies and actors to be trained by acting agencies. Look at SM as an example of what happens.

8. [+230, -19] FNC needs to stop being greedy

9. [+132, -13] SM comes up with the best singers but their drama production and acting skills are just...

10. [+102, -6] SM trained Lee Yeon Hee as an actress and she's so bad...

11. [+90, -9] Why can't these companies just train actors like they train idols instead of turning idols into actors... there's a drastic difference between a face meant for acting and a face meant for idols.

12. [+90, -10] YG only got as big as they are by selling idols but now they don't care about their idols at all. They haven't come up with a group to take Big Bang's place yet and aren't even managing Big Bang properly at that.



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