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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Korean and Chinese fans break out into a physical brawl at Got7's Hong Kong concert

Article: Got7's Korean and Chinese fans get into a fight at Hong Kong concert... police report submitted

Source: E News via Daum

1. [+526, -7] The Korean fan started it. How could she think that resting her DSLR on someone else's shoulder was okay? (It's rude). The Chinese fan also dropped the Korean fan's glasses on accident while moving the camera off of her and yet the Korean fan started a physical fight over it? She's crazy

2. [+495, -4] How could you ever think that putting your huge DSLR lens on some stranger's shoulder is okay...

3. [+390, -8] What a mess, in a foreign country too, tsk tsk

4. [+132, -2] If you want to take pictures that bad, go take a friend or a tripod up front, why would you rest your camera up on someone's shoulder? The b*tch who doesn't even know basic manners is the one at fault here

5. [+120, -5] Stupid fangirls need to stop acting up... what crime did your parents commit to be stuck funding your cameras, your lens, your ticket to Hong Kong, and now they have to pay to bail you out of Hong Kong too..

6. [+110, -1] A stranger's shoulder is not your camera tripod. Stupid fans with no manners.

7. [+81, -0] Why would you do that in another country... why would you put your camera up on someone's shoulder??? Please apologize and be dealt the consequences according to local law

8. [+78, -0] So embarrassing, in a foreign country no less... stop embarrassing Korea

9. [+59, -0] I'd be pissed too if I was paying to see a concert and was stuck being someone's camera tripod... the Korean fan didn't even bother asking for permission ㅋㅋ

10. [+45, -0] Even fans are a national embarrassment now



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