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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Hyuna finds the word 'disbandment' in regards to 4minute upsetting

Article: Hyuna, "Ever since 4minute disbanded, the expression 'disbandment' upsets me"

Source: Sports Seoul via Naver

1. [+1,717, -63] Pretty sure the other members are more upset about it than you...

2. [+1,239, -52] Then what are we supposed to call it..

3. [+1,116, -41] If you think about it, Hyuna was pretty much what led 4minute so she's just continuing where she left off but to the other members, 4minute was all they had. Without a contract renewal, it is a disbandment...

4. [+1,034, -45] It's a disbandment, what else would you call it

5. [+633, -19] At least you have a solo career, what do the other members have right now..

6. [+164, -8] Well obviously it's a disbandment, doesn't she realize that the more she talks about it like this, the more pitiful it is for the other members? Not that it's Hyuna's fault that the agency disbanded the group but why would she bring it up again to drive in the nail of their disbandment? I'm sure she hates calling it a disbandment because she feels bad for the other members but it is what it is, it's a disbandment;;

7. [+163, -9] Then what is it? The group's up in the air? And Hyuna took an emergency exit?

8. [+140, -3] Pretty sure it'd be better for her if she stopped mentioning 4minute already

9. [+124, -8] Shall we call it a division for you then?



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