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Saturday, August 6, 2016

Hollywood: Chloe Moretz

Article: Chloe Moretz, a smile even while paparazzi take pictures of bare face

Source: Newsen via Nate

1. [+675, -70] What the? What is this chubbiness? This confidence in leggings?

2. [+523, -35] Maybe it's before the deposit....

3. [+417, -41] Huh, wasn't she originally a lot thinner

4. [+70, -1] Now this is what I call living life. Just because she's a celebrity, she shouldn't be expected to constantly be worried about how others view her. She eats what she wants, wears what's comfortable ㅋㅋㅋ all that should matter is that she cleans up when it's time to shoot a movie. The rest of us expecting her to look perfect even on her off time is why we're backwards thinkers ㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+51, -0] Of course Koreans would be the ones to give her crap over what she's wearing tsk tsk tsk. It's gotta be a national disease with how much we stick our noses into business that doesn't belong to us.

6. [+46, -0] I'm a man but I really like how white people are so confident going out with their bare faces or clothes that look like they were just chilling at home. The way they don't care about paparazzi taking pictures and just go about their business is cool to me.

7. [+36, -6] Whatever she wears, whether she gains weight... she's still Chloe Moretz, her boyfriend is still Brooklyn Beckham ㅜ the rest of you leaving hate should wake up to reality..

8. [+35, -0] She looks so much more relatable like this than the stars who go to work out in full make up looks because they're so worried about how other people see them.

9. [+27, -0] American women wear leggings like that. They don't care at all~~~~ about how others view them. They probably don't even know why the rest of us care how others view us in leggings like that.

10. [+19, -3] She looks like a kind hearted American ajumma~

11. [+12, -0] She's obviously dressed for comfort while Korean stars act like they're dressed comfortably but really they put a lot of effort into their look



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