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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Dana picks Jessica over Sulli as the biggest lover

Article: 'Video Star' Dana, "Sulli vs Jessica, the biggest lover? Jessica"

Source: Mydaily via Nate

Kim Sook: "You were Jessica and Sulli's vocal trainer. Aren't you close with them? Who do you think is the biggest lover out of the two?"
Dana: "Jessica. She's devoted to love and is really considerate of the other person."


1. [+480, -74] Lovers... one b*tch has lost her mind over Choiza and is prancing around like a clown in her underwear while another b*tch has lost her mind to Tyler Kwon and smiling in China despite her ice princess image in Korea. Same goes for her sister... they're not "crazy in love", they're just "crazy"

2. [+405, -43] They both do seem like big lovers considering they both left their groups over a man but it just seems like they're short on thought to me ㅋㅋ wouldn't have hurt to milk it out for a while longer before leaving for their loves... all for love, but what is love anyway..

3. [+348, -44] Yeah well the public agrees that both are unlikable!

4. [+43, -5] The best lover? What about IU who visits the sick

5. [+37, -8] One thing they both also have in common is that they handled their love scandals horribly, especially Jessica

6. [+7, -2] Yeah, Jessica was such a big lover that she threw her friends of years away for her love...

7. [+5, -5] It might be betrayal to one and pain to another but they chose to live their own life and go down their own path, who are we to say anything about that?



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