TV: Nana earns positive reviews with 'The Good Wife' drama debut

Article: 'Good Wife' Nana, who worried about her? Jun Do Yeon complimented her with reason

Source: OSEN via Naver

1. [+3,921, -121] I was surprised at how unexpectedly natural she was ㅋㅋㅋ her acting doesn't deserve any hate ㅋㅋ her facial expressions were natural too

2. [+2,700, -120] She was alright...

3. [+2,451, -198] Better than most idols~~

4. [+2,161, -249] Her acting was pretty good, didn't really depend on the leads and all. I liked Yoo Ji Tae's powerful acting, Kim Seo Hyung was charismatic and fit it well.

5. [+1,793, -134] Nana was pretty good!!

6. [+548, -32] Sometimes idols who've been on stage and used to the camera for a long time are less awkward on screen than some actresses like Im Ji Yeon and Jin Se Yeon

7. [+499, -53] Pleasantly surprised at how good she was... yeah, really can't put her down for her acting. I think she's off to a good start if she's this good with her first drama. She has a face for acting too! Just manage your image better.

8. [+425, -29] Better than UEE, she has good pronunciation too

9. [+395, -23] Way better acting skills than Sooyoung from '38 Revenue Collection Unit'

10. [+451, -48] Objectively, she didn't seem like this was her first time acting. I'd give her a passing grade.