Taeyeon struggles with sasaeng calls all night long

Article: "I want to get some sleep"... Taeyeon reveals the pain of sasaeng fans

Source: Dispatch via Nate

1. [+113, -25] Couldn't she turn her sound off? I'm sure this isn't the first time it's happened;;;

2. [+101, -31] Can't she turn her phone off~~??

3. [+77, -9] But if she screencaps it and uploads it like this, then I feel like the sasaeng will just make things worse because she confirmed that it is indeed her number...

4. [+21, -15] Turn your phone off you babo... you're rich enough to buy a separate alarm clock ㅡㅡ

5. [+20, -16] She has an iphone... she can just turn on the don't disturb mode ㅋㅋ or is she trying to show off that "I'm still this popular!! I'm stil in the game!!"

6. [+17, -7] That's no sasaeng "fan", that's a criminal stalking her.

7. [+12, -4] I don't get why people are telling her to turn her phone off. Maybe she has important calls that she needs to take?

8. [+12, -0] I myself have liked a singer for over 10 years but I never once thought that I wanted to see them in real life or anything... if you really like someone, please respect their quality of life~~


Source: Naver

1. [+2,873, -124] Why are people telling her to change her phone number or turn her phone off? Do you not think Taeyeon would have already tried such basic solutions like that? Obviously it's gotten to the point where nothing works anymore. And considering her job, maybe she has calls that she needs to take, which is why she can't change her number often. This is entirely the sasaeng fan's fault so why even blame Taeyeon over it?

2. [+1,681, -51] Sasaengs are not fans, they are worse than antis! They need to disappear! If you like a celebrity, you should respect their life and not torture them!

3. [+1,191, -34] Such selfish people...

4. [+1,017, -37] TVXQ really showed how rock bottom sasaengs can get...

5. [+711, -173] Nuna, turn on your don't disturb mode...

6. [+252, -26] Wow, are people really blaming Taeyeon for not turning her phone off? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Shouldn't you be blaming the sasaeng fan first???

7. [+179, -5] What's even the point of calling that much? To hear her voice? It makes me throw up... Imagine if they put those stalking skills to good use like working for security improvement or something.

8. [+166, -4] I feel bad for her. Idols look like fun and glamor on the outside but it must be really hard dealing with stuff like this.

9. [+147, -1] Excuse me people but when idols change their numbers or turn on don't disturb mode, sasaengs find out within 5 minutes or use other numbers ㅋㅋㅋ stop blaming Taeyeon

10. [+149, -2] Imagine how scary it must be for a female celebrity to receive calls from male sasaengs late at night, although I'm sure it's likewise for men with female stalkers too;;