Girlfriend clarifies rumors of bullying between Shinbi and Umji

Article: 'V app' Girlfriend mentions rumors of Shinbi and Umji's discord 'totally just a rumor'

Source: Herald Pop via Nate

1. [+754, -54] It's Shinbi's facial expressions that are the problem. Her facial expressions look so rotten. She needs to work on her facial expressions otherwise she's going to get a ton of hate one day.

2. [+659, -34] I'm watching the showcase and what's up with Shinbi's facial expressions

3. [+612, -38] Girlfriend fans are always going on about how Shinbi's like a hyung and how she's so free spirited but to the rest of us non-fans, she just looks really disrespectful. Even when they were greeting the crowd at the beginning of the showcase, her facial expression was so off putting.

4. [+93, -4] Shinbi-ya... this oppa is a real fan of yours so I feel the need to say something. Even if you have a resting b*tch face, you can't forget that you're a celebrity who sings feminine innocent songs and live off of a certain image you're portraying. Even if it's hard, one of the most important requirements of your job is to have a facial expression that invites people to like you. I remember in A Pink's debut reality show, the girls were practicing up to the last few days before their debut stage and maknae Hayoung was dancing without a facial expression and Chorong really reprimanded her hard about it. When Hayoung started crying, Chorong hugged her and opened up to her saying, "Unni finds it hard to smile and dance at the same time..." It's just one of those things that are a dead requirement to female idols. You have to smile to make the public like you. Furthermore, female idols have a weaker fandom than male idols so while most male idols can get away with scandals, female idols will be dragged for just not smiling. For now, just focus on trying to smile even if you have to force yourself to. Especially if you want a long running career in Korea as a female idol...

5. [+91, -1] Shinbi not only resembles Jessica in the face but her in attitude too

6. [+85, -3] I can already see that Yerin and Shinbi are so disrespectful ㅡㅡ I can see that they're ostracizing Umji while the oldest unnis are doing nothing about it. Yoojoo's the only one who takes care of Umji. The rest of you better watch your actions.

7. [+78, -2] I'm a fan too but I don't really see Shinbi as a good person. I'm sure I don't need to explain why. Coldly speaking, she just seems like a person who can't control her personality. She can't hide her feelings well and it shows when she's in a bad mood all in her actions and facial expressions. She said so herself that she didn't like Umji at first and it's obvious with the way she treats her that she's not particularly fond of her still. Shinbi, get a better heart... why would you ruin your career when you came this far for it? I know that people don't change but if you keep your personality like that, you're not going to last long. There's a difference between being rude and being free spirited. Fix your act while fans are still shielding you because there are only so many shields to go around.

8. [+72, -4] This is why kids who shoot to fame end up in scandals later

9. [+65, -2] Girlfriend came to perform at our school and Shinbi really had a rotten facial expression. We all cheered for every member's name but Shinbi never once looked happy ㅋㅋㅋㅋ the other members greeted us and reacted to our cheers ㅠㅠ Even when I look back at the fancam I shot, there's not one scene where she's smiling ㅎ I've never really liked her ever since then

10. [+61, -3] It's my first time seeing this group and just watching 'Show Time' alone, I can already see them ostracizing that Umji kid in their dorm. They better watch themselves if they don't want to ruin everything.

11. [+59, -1] After watching 'My Little TV', Yerin looks like she has quite the temper too

12. [+51, -11] This is the most important time for the group. Look at AOA... girl groups are different from boy groups. Once people latch on to something, they're going to grab it and drag you down until you hit rock bottom. Girl group discord rumors will ruin more careers than any boy group drunk driving scandal. Girlfriend is just now cementing a position for themselves so it's important that they watch their every action. They shot to fame but it's also a shot that will drag it all down too.


Article: Girlfriend "There couldn't be a girl group with better relationships than us with all girls living together"

Source: Newsen via Daum

1. [+146, -22] So are you trying to say that other girls get into a fight then?

2. [+116, -7] It'd be better to say that any group of people will be prone to fights if they live together

3. [+129, -24] Gender really doesn't matter when you're living together but they're already fixed in that woman is a woman's greatest enemy mentality

4. [+89, -19] What does that make the other girl groups who are living together then? Why drag other women down by talking like that?

5. [+55, -9] Are they trying to say that mixed genders live better together or what...;; fix what you're saying

6. [+58, -14] If you guys don't want to end up like T-ara, you better stop ostracizing that one member because it's really obvious

7. [+29, -4] Why are they dragging women down? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I seriously hate it when other women talk about how a woman is a woman's greatest enemy ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

8. [+7, -0] ??????????? Then what about the other girl groups? ㅎ;;;;;