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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Women assaulted by Park Yoochun give interviews of what happened

Article: Woman who is suing Park Yoochun for sexual assault "It happened during my period... I told him to stop"

Source: Mydaily via Nate

"I felt so embarrassed, like I was just something for him to dump everything into. I felt like he just played me. He didn't even tell me that he was sorry before he left."

When asked to describe the setting, "When you turn music on there, the volume fills up the entire room. He likes to sing and turn up club music really loudly. It wasn't that long since I started working there so I wasn't sure how to follow along until he grabbed my waist while smoking a cigarette and started dancing with me. He then kept asking me how much money I needed and why I was there. Then he said, 'Hey, I can't hear you. Let's go talk in the bathroom.' I didn't suspect anything and followed him in.

He then asked me how much money I needed so I told him that I just wanted to make as much as I needed before quitting. It was pissing me off that he kept trying to buy me with money and kept talking about money this, money that. That was all he talked about. He then grabbed my face and kissed me before breaking it off and saying, 'What the, you have no emotion in your kiss, no emotion.'

I was on my period then. He lifted up my skirt while kissing me so I told him to stop. I remember clearly telling him to stop. 'Stop, I'm on my period.' Then he said, 'But I think I need to check if you and I are a good match.' I told him I didn't want to again and tried to leave. While I quickly looked at the mirror, he was already taking his pants off and then he grabbed me and sat me down. I was so shocked and kept telling him no, that I wouldn't do it, until he lifted me up and turned me around.

I cried. I was so shocked. He said, 'It's okay, we're going to date. We're going to be dating now. You can give this to oppa just once today, right?' So I didn't reply to anything he said.

As a woman, why would anyone want to do it in the bathroom where everyone could hear you? While on your period too, even I wouldn't allow that with any boyfriend. I was so embarrassed by the fact that we did it in that small bathroom and then so scared that someone would find out.

I needed a lot of money at the time for tuition. I knew that the room salon wouldn't prostitute me and it was a way to make a lot of money in a short time. I've never been offered to go to a 'second tier' meeting and even the room salon tells us not to do it because they don't want to be linked to scandalous activities.

I think that Park Yoochun treated me as something less of a human. If he truly loved a woman, would a man want to do it in a bathroom with her like that? He knew that I was working there so I wouldn't be able to report him and that no one would believe me. The bathroom also doesn't have a CCTV so I don't think he thought I would sue him. He probably thought that since he's a top star, I wouldn't regret doing it with him but I can't forgive him for looking down on me like that just because I needed money."


Interview with another woman: "Park Yoochun-ssi had club music on and was dancing with his friends. It was really noisy and I tried to keep up with them but then Park Yoochun told me that he had something he wanted to say to me and went into the bathroom so I followed him. He then put his hand inside my underwear and I tried to stop him because I was so shocked but he was already drunk at the time and acted as if I wanted this, telling me, 'You like me though'"


1. [+1,542, -107] I think it's important to note what the professor said about how these women were at these jobs to provide services within boundaries set by their jobs, not to be treated as sub human beings and forced to put up with whatever they are dealt. I think the show also did a good job of getting rid of the bias and stereotypes that people have with sexual assault and violence.

2. [+1,409, -73] Such a detailed explanation of what happened, it's scary ㅜㅜ he really did just treat her like something to dump into..

3. [+1,242, -68] He's trash... is he an animal??? Actually he's worse than an animal.

4. [+203, -7] Ugh, gross... he seems to think that any woman would want to sleep with him;;;

5. [+199, -6] The women clearly rejected him and told him they didn't want to do it and yet he had the audacity to say, 'You like me though' After being surrounded by stupid fangirls, he must think that all of the women in the world are obsessed with him.

6. [+157, -2] He seems to think he's the king and every woman in the world is his concubine. Like if he chooses to sleep with any one of them, they'll die of joy and do whatever he wants. But then again, he's lived his entire life surrounded by fans who are willing to praise him for anything so maybe it's understandable.

7. [+131, -13] I find him worse than Go Young Wook

8. [+112, -13] Wow... this is really it for him... bye bye


Source: Naver

1. [+393, -37] The interviews of the women were so detailed... I don't think they're lying. Aside from the four who are suing him, there was also another one who was almost raped. Clearly they know the consequences if they get caught lying so why would they come out on a TV show and go this far with interviews if they were lying???

2. [+360, -36] I still don't get why fans are still shielding him. Of all the truths that have been confirmed so far, you'd have to be an idiot to not see that he's a criminal already.

3. [+295, -23] Shocked over the 5 interviews. I swore out loud when that one woman said she was on her period and he still pulled down his pants.

4. [+221, -31] Of all the places, the bathroom though...

5. [+152, -14] "You like me though" phrase of the year

6. [+162, -18] This broadcast just confirmed it... that he's trash;;

7. [+141, -14] This is no longer a simple celebrity scandal anymore... this is a serial sexual assault case.

8. [+133, -12] Disgusted with stupid fangirls calling this a biased report... the show clearly showed their many attempts to get interviews out of Park Yoochun's side and they were all rejected ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ



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