[Pann] Stats for 2016 SM solo releases

Ryeowook's 1st mini-album 'The Little Prince'
- Entered Melon at #5 on the chart
- Sold 36,5** copies the first week (3 fan signings)
- No music show wins
- IMZ album review: 2 and a half stars

Taemin's 1st album 'Press It'
- Entered Melon at #3 on the chart
- Sold 72,5** copies the first week (7 fan signings), also the most first week sales out of all idol solo albums
- 4 music show wins (The Show, Show Champ, M! Count, MuBank)
- IMZ album review: 3 and a half stars

Yesung's 1st mini-album 'Here I am'
- Entered Melon at #20 on the chart
- Sold 31,0** copies the first week (8 fan signings)
- No music show wins
- No IMZ album review

Tiffany's 1st mini-album 'I Just Wanna Dance'
- Entered Melon at #2 on the chart
- Sold 38,6** copies the first week (5 fan signings)
- 2 music show wins (The Show, Show Champ)
- IMZ album review: 4 stars (highest out of all Soshi songs)

Jonghyun's 1st album 'Joah'
- Entered Melon at #3 on the chart
- Still calculating first week sales
- Still promoting on music shows
- IMZ album review in progress


1. [+143, -2] It seems that when SM allows some of their senior idols to release solos, they let them pursue the type of music that they personally want. They already know that their singers have built up careers of their own by now so they don't care whether it appeals to the public or not. They realize that people who like them will listen to it and continue to support them.

2. [+127, -13] I've never listened to SuJu's solos so I don't know about them but I've been enjoying Taemin and Tiffany's albums and it makes me so sad to see them get slammed so hard for their digital ranks ㅠㅠ their album quality is awesome ㅠㅠ Jonghyun's too but his digital rank is so bad ㅠㅠ... Please don't judge your singers based off of their rank on Melon... their albums are actuall really good.

3. [+124, -24] Koreans in general like upbeat hook songs so there are often times that SM's style doesn't work with the public. I like that SM singers continue to push forward with their style irregardless of all that.

4. [+53, -3] I was listening to Tiffany and Jonghyun this morning and realized that when SM puts out idol groups, they do concepts according to what SM wants but when they put out solos, they let the singers choose what style they want. It's like they're being compensated for for being forced to do concepts they might not have necessarily cared for as an idol group. SM clearly doesn't care about digital chart rankings with their solos and it seems more like, "Okay, you do whatever you want for your solo whether you get in the top 100 or not but listen to us when it's time to promote with your idol group"

5. [+39, -5] There's also the stereotype that only 'stupid fangirls' listen to male idol songs so men don't tend to listen to them unless it's some hip hop song. Once they actually listen though, they end up liking it but it's getting them to initially listen that's hard. It's especially worse with SM songs.

6. [+36, -1] SM really does sell a lot of physical albums though ㅋㅋㅋ Looks like they all sold over 30,000 copies alone ㅋㅋㅋ

7. [+27, -1] Jonghyun's Deja Vu debuted at #1

8. [+24, -5] Tiffany sold a lot more copies than I thought. I figured since she's a female idol she would've sold 20,000 at most but she surpassed 30,000. Taemin's stats would be perfect if he had a higher digital rank. Not bad IMZ review, good album sales... there's potential there.

9. [+21, -0] SM's music is modern pop. There's no average K-Pop influence in it. Taemin and Jonghyun's music quality is up there and Tiffany's music is 100% pure pop with Korean lyrics. The public's poor listening standards is to blame for SM's low digital rank. The public is too used to your average K-Pop song. I was surprised at SM after listening to NCT's 'Seventh Sense'. There's a reason why music critics always rate SM so high. It's just that the public's listening standards aren't as high.

10. [+21, -0] All you need is about 100,000 core fans and your music career is set for life. SM singers in general have about 100,000 core fans so they make money and promote just fine even with low digital ranks. The biggest money makers are physical sales and concerts ㅋㅋㅋ