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Saturday, May 14, 2016

[Pann] Is the "free spirited" concept a no no for female idols?

Pann: Female idols can't have an freespirited concept and overreact to things or you end up like Hani

1. [+560, -31] Wait, is she in awe over the food without even chewing it first in the last gif? ㅋㅋㅋ

2. [+528, -40] Ugh, what I hate more than people acting fake is people acting all free spirited

3. [+412, -33] Yeah seriously, I have no idea why she's like this;

4. [+214, -5] Forcing a concept like that in the first place is the issue. Acting cute when you're not cute, acting free spirited when you're not ㅋㅋㅋ just show who you really are as a person. Hani seems like the sensitive type but she forces this free spirited personality and it just looks like she's overreacting to everything. It's obvious that she's acting to a concept... I like her as she is though.

5. [+163, -24] She looks like Lee Kwang Soo here

6 [+146, -36] There are times that Hani crosses the line but female idols can never win because when they sit quietly, then they get called a fox and trying too hard to look pretty, etc. There's no middle ground. Are they supposed to just sit there doing nothing? And there are fans that like this side of Hani too, why hate on that?

7. [+111, -26] I like her... And for an eating show, isn't it good to react like Hani does when you eat? It's boring if you eat it all clean and go "mm~ tasty" at the end. I'd rather Hani's reactions.

8. [+102, -29] + Yerin

9. [+95, -17] I remember a long time ago everyone was saying how they hate it when female idols act all shy and cute so all the female idols went around acting free spirited and tough and now people are saying they hate that too? Do you guys realize how hypocritical you are with female idols?

10. [+72, -21] I like seeing Hani give huge reactions like this though

11. [+64, -2] There's a limit to everything and Hani goes overboard. And she's also the type to say things without thinking, like how she wasn't going to renew her contract with EXID and Solji being surprised.



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