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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

TV: Entertainer (Pilot)

Article: Pilot broadcast 'Entertainer'.. Ji Sung pulls first, will Hyeri reply?

Source: Mydaily via Naver

1. [+394, -64] It has to be hard to make a drama this boring... the scriptwriter and director are more of a problem than the cast

2. [+283, -39] I started watching out of trust for Ji Sung and I really do think Ji Sung is all you can trust...

3. [+160, -31] If you look at the scriptwriter's previous works, you can tell this drama will have a bleak future...

4. [+113, -23] I really like Ji Sung but he needs a better eye for picking dramas

5. [+54, -12] Speaking honestly and coldly, the first episode is a disappointment. Ji Sung's acting was impressive and the story itself is interesting but they squeezed in way too much in the first episode and made it so hard to follow along. I'll be waiting for the second episode for now...


Article: 'Entertainer' first episode, 60 minutes of a Ji Sung one man show

Source: Sports Seoul via Naver

1. [+1,258, -68] He had the most screentime after all

2. [+1,017, -144] I trust Ji Sung, I'll have to wait and see for it to get better

3. [+831, -91] Ji Sung had 90% of the screentime, Hyeri barely had 10 minutes


Article: 'Entertainer' hits bottom viewer ratings, should we be worried or look forward to more?

Source: Newsen via Nate

1. [+127, -71] Honestly in 'Reply 1988', Duksun just fit well with her character but it was the adult characters who pulled the weight of the drama. Acting skills are important but Hyeri doesn't have that lead role aura yet. I don't think she fits this position as a lead role.

2. [+104, -44] Don't think Ryu Jun Yeol's drama is going to do well either... people need to realize that there are a lot more people who haven't seen 'Reply 1988' than those who have

3. [+103, -35] The plot is so obvious...

4. [+74, -50] Fell asleep after 10 minutes

5. [+63, -36] Such an obvious story... too many dramas with this plot already. Just watching for Ji Sung at this point...


Source: Naver

1. [+254, -32] Proves that 'Reply 1988' was a result of the magic of the director...

2. [+218, -24] I guess I wasn't the only one who thought it was boring through the whole 30 minutes. I stuck through it for Ji Sung's acting and it started to pick up a bit but I really hope the plot doesn't get lost from here and that Hyeri and Minhyuk improve.

3. [+194, -33] The scriptwriter is a known miss so I'm not looking forward to the rest..

4. [+208, -43] The plot was so bad that I couldn't even focus on Ji Sung's acting. There's nothing more to see. If the first episode is already this boring, what more can you expect?

5. [+149, -29] Hyeri's acting, what're we going to do about that? She can't even deliver her lines, she's just straight up bad. It's like she's still in her Duksun character... I thought her acting would be up to par because she's a lead!

6. [+120, -25] Proves that Hyeri was a good fit for the Duksun character, not necessarily because she's a good actor...



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