[Pann] Japanese fan reactions to Kai and Krystal dating

Pann: Japanese reactions to Kai and Krystal

"Kai will have less otakus now"

"Amazing that he still went on a public date knowing that journalists followed him last time when he was with Taemin"

"I realized while looking at Dispatch's pictures that Krystal has a large face"

"He said in his vivi interview that he liked women who resemble him and that he would confess his feelings for a woman like that. Well, looks like he already did."

"Even the style of clothes that he said he liked on a woman is what Krystal is wearing. Denim sneakers."

"EXO's already losing popularity in Japan, how could he do this during their fan meeting!"

"I have no desire to attend their fan meeting anymore."

"Even if they're dating, if he had any consideration at all, he wouldn't have gotten caught like this, right? They could've been more careful or made separate reservations. Did they want to date like any other non-celebrity couple?"

"There are a ton of Kai fan merchandise being sold second hand right now w"

"Well at least Kai didn't promise that he's not dating till 35 and doesn't have an SNS either w"

"He can't sing or even talk but he can cause a scandal on top of injuring himself? What is he doing?"

"So shall we blow up EXO planet?"

"I'm going to think of Krystal every time Kai uses his hips in a dance."

"They've probably been dating since MAMA"

"Surprised that they confirmed it. It would've been nice if they just said they were close friends."

"I don't want to see Kai's face anymore. I find a man like him who gets injured over a girl and doesn't even do his work properly the worst."

"I wonder why EXO only gets caught in dating scandals within the company"

"Just keep your dating stuff within the company, why let it leak out?"

"I regret my tickets to their fan meet. So glad that I didn't get the extra tickets"

"He got injured trying to look cool in front of Krystal wwwwwW"

"Jessica told Krystal that she didn't have an eye for men. Maybe Kai's a real playboy"

"Unless they're all homo, you can't possibly expect to stop all of them from dating"


1. [+103, -2] Honestly speaking, Kai really is a detriment to the group right now. He got the most support in EXO's Japanese promotions and was even promoted as Asia's first love. I heard that the Japanese fans don't have Jongin's fan chant yet for their fan meet.

2. [+98, -4] People keep saying the Japanese fans crossed the line but they're usually worse when it comes to dating rumors, it's just how their idol industry is. They're good in other aspects (like sitting down and waiting at airports) but super harsh when it comes to their idols dating.

3. [+55, -54] What is up with that comment about Krystal having a big face ㅋㅋㅋ and I get that Kai wasn't careful but that picture with his eyes dug out is crossing the line

4. [+33, -0] The translation for what's written on his arm in the picture: Ugly bstard never stand in the center again

5. [+25, -5] The reason Kai's getting more hate than Baekhyun is because Kai was never like Baekhyun who took a moment at least to write something meaningful for the fans. And despite knowing he had a concert to prepare for, he went skiing with his girlfriend and got injured. Of course getting injured wasn't something intentional on his part but he knew he had rehearsals, why did he go then? Baekhyun at least acted like he cared for his fans after his scandal went out while Kai only writes on the main homepage so fans never knew what he was thinking. He also never helped the members at all at their movies or musicals. So disappointing. He hides his face all the time because he doesn't want to be seen at airports but opens his face when he's on his date as if he doesn't care who looks at him ㅋㅋ Fans are mad that he had no consideration for them at all and doesn't know how to prioritize his dating life or his concert.

6. [+25, -9] That picture is so wrong though;;; it's so cruel, how can you dig out someone's eyes over a dating rumor

7. [+20, -13] Fans like this scare me, they look mentally ill

8. [+20, -1] I wonder what the Japanese fans will be like at their fan meet

9. [+16, -0] Japanese fans are calling Kai's Asia's first love title a fluke, more like Asia's first break up ㅋㅋㅋ

10. [+16, -1] Japan is a lot more harsh when it comes to idols than Korea. I remember another female idol had to shave her head after being caught with her boyfriend.