[Instiz] Twice's album design is similar to f(x) and Block B's?

Instiz: Talks of Twice's album copying f(x) and Block B's album art

"Hul it really does look similar to Block B's"

"I think it's way too similar to just say it's a coincidence..."

"No wonder I thought JYP really stepped it up this time"

"Totally copied Block B's..."

"Their album did remind me of f(x)'s but the Block B one is even more similar"

"Their album's already been released too, it's too late to ask them to fix it ㅠㅠㅠㅠ"

"The colors and everything else are the same with Block B's.."

"Ehh, I wasn't convinced until I saw the last one with Block B."

"f(x)'s design style is really famous right now, I see a lot of it going around Instagram. But Block B's..."

"The color of the paper, the concept of the members ripping out of the paper, it's not a concept that's easily found elsewhere, they had to have copied it.."

"f(x)'s doesn't seem like exactly a copy, just a slight reminder, but they straight up copied Block B when I look at theirs."

"Maybe it's just a style trend that other groups are picking up on?"

"Well the person who designed f(x)'s album won an award for it, not sure if you can exactly call his style something that's prevalent everywhere..!"