Sulli posts a playful selca with whipped cream

Article: Sulli posts a selca with a mouth full of whipped cream 'cute'

Source: TV Daily via Nate

1. [+1,584, -51] She's getting scarier and scarier for me...

2. [+1,433, -66] What did Choiza do to her that every thing she does seem to have some sexual intention behind it

3. [+1,206, -47] Can SM please get Sulli off of SNS?

4. [+253, -2] You can't help but think she is obviously trying to imply something here... she would be dumb not to know what this looks like

5. [+234, -3] She's doing this on purpose, isn't she

6. [+211, -3] I would like to recommend this young soul to psychological therapy

7. [+193, -3] At this point, you have to wonder if she enjoys the situation she's in right now... she probably feels joy reading all these comments

8. [+191, -2] What did Choiza do to you...

9. [+167, -0] She gets weirder and weirder by the day... she never looks like she's in the right state of mind

10. [+157, -2] Is she crazy? Did she really not think what other people would imagine when she uploaded this? What's wrong with her?

11. [+148, -2] Look, she's a natural

12. [+133, -2] Is she on drugs too?

13. [+117, -1] What's up with her lately.. is she bored because Choiza won't play with her? ㅜㅜ

14. [+114, -1] That's quite the load... of whipped cream

15. [+86, -9] Amazing.. pictures like this you normally only see on Japanese AV star blogs. Is Sulli finally bringing it over to Korea?


Pann: What is Sulli doing with whipped cream in her mouth?

1. [+394, -16] She has gotten so weird;;

2. [+365, -18] To the people shielding her saying why can't she put cream in her mouth.. you obviously know what her image is like right now and how people will view it.. it's obviously alluding to something sexual. She wouldn't get nearly as much hate as she does now if she was more careful.

3. [+349, -14] Putting aside whether she meant anything sexual or not, eating whipped cream like that tastes bad

4. [+153, -2] Both her and Jang Hyun Seung seem like they've lost their minds from their celebrity lives

5. [+139, -0] Ever since she left f(x), she seems to be losing her mind... People still shield her but the stuff she chooses to post on Instagram really brings down her image. Not sure why she's being like htis.