[Pann] Stars everyone else considers pretty but you don't

Pann: Stars that the majority of people think are pretty

"but to you, is not? I've been thinking Park Shin Hye for a while. Totally not hating but she's just no goddess level for me ㅋㅋㅋ..."

1. [+245, -26] I'm going to get so much hate for this... but Krystal

2. [+158, -52] I think Irene's pretty but she's not like "super goddess!!!! Irene!!!!" level pretty for me. She looks great with black hair but doesn't match lighter colors which people still praise her as looking pretty in. I really thought she looked bad in blonde hair + in a bun. She just looks like another pretty idol for me, I don't know why she gets so much praise. The other members are just as pretty as her.

3. [+156, -11] Kang Sora has a super amazing body but her face is...

4. [+88, -2] Shinbi... I don't find her pretty at all

5. [+87, -5] I'm going to be hit with a bomb of downvotes but Tzuyu for me...

6. [+86, -14] Honestly, Son Naeun... but a lot of people do admit that her face is the type you love or hate. But I really don't know why she's considered pretty... but maybe it's because I like side profiles and her profile's kind of flat

7. [+82, -8] Can I list a male idol? Big Bang's TOP... he's like a flower without a scent

8. [+82, -8] Yoo In Na... unnatural looking face, really obvious plastic surgery, and her nasally voice

9. [+79, -7] Hyeri... obvious plastic surgery, she's not natural either. I don't get the praise.

10. [+76, -14] I know there are a ton of Jun Somi fans here but I pick Jun Somi... she's just not my taste. Always caught me off guard when people defended her whenever anyone tried to question her looks ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

11. [+70, -11] IU... she's obviously prettier than me but I don't really consider her 'god-like' in terms of looks

12. [+68, -5] I'll get hate for this but Taeyeon.. I think she's cute, but that's it. Nothing worthy to praise her over.