[Pann] Fans notice Wendy's weight loss struggles

Pann: Picture of what Wendy looks like in real life

"There are only two days before the comeback.. and she looks fine now but I wish she'd manage herself a little harder so she can go back to her peak days during 'Happiness'."

1. [+135, -132] It's true though ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Taeyeon may have said that it's easy to gain weight in the beginning of your debut because you're getting used to your imbalanced lifestyle but there was never a Soshi member who gained as much weight as Red Velvet has during that time. Wendy makes me sigh, seriously.

2. [+123, -16] Wendy used to be really fat (not hating... I know that she's really nice and elite class!) so I think it's amazing that she's managed herself to this point even now. 'Happiness' was when she debuted so she probably went through rigorous dieting to get to that point. As for now, she has activities o use her stamina for so she can't diet as rigorously and hasn't Red Velvet been on hiatus for about a year? I'm sure she'll lose weight as she feels fit. She's a good singer and pretty, why bring Soshi into this and hate on her for it? What is there to sigh about her body? If you don't know how nice of a person she is, just leave her alone ㅠㅠ Makes me sad that someone as nice as her has to be put down all the time like this

3. [+104, -16] Love you, Wendy

4. [+44, -0] She lost a lot of weight when they weren't promoting but people are still being fussy about her weight. Worry about yourselves, please ^^

5. [+40, -1] I think it's her legs that she struggles losing weight in. Probably because of the muscle she's gained from dancing and exercise. She seems like the type to bulk up easily..

6. [+38, -0] I love you, Wendy

7. [+37, -2] I do feel bad though because I know how pretty she can be if she loses weight. I know it's pointless to worry about a celebrity's body but she does seem to be gaining more and more weight ㅠㅠ I wish she'd diet a bit, isn't it good for her too?

8. [+32, -0] She was so pretty during 'Happiness' ㅜㅜ She's pretty now too but I'm sure she'll manage herself now that her comeback's coming up

9. [+30, -0] Must be so stressful for her. They've probably been preparing for comeback as soon as 'Dumb Dumb' promos ended but she was probably too busy with the prep to exercise or starve herself. And it's not like dancing helps slim down your legs. As much as you all think that she needs to lose weight, she's probably thinking that 100 times harder so leave her alone.

10. [+26, -0] She's thin everywhere else but has a lot of fat in her thighs. They look thick with just a bit of weight gain. I feel bad for her, it's hard to deal with...

11. [+24, -0] She seems like Luna's body type... very muscular with a thin top half and a thicker bottom half. It's so hard to change that body type unless you really go all out like Luna did. Wendy has shown that she can change with a bit of effort since her legs were so thin early debut so she just needs to manage herself a bit harder.

12. [+24, -0] She's just a thicker bottom half so it's harder to lose weight with a visible difference. She also gains weight easily too and she's short so the gain looks more drastic...