Kahi shares a picture from her small wedding with her husband

Article: "I love you, my husband" Kahi's happy wedding party

Source: Dispatch via Naver

1. [+7,381, -255] I wish celebrities would stop calling their overseas weddings 'humble and small'

2. [+4,228, -65] Seems celebrities get married to a lot of CEOs and hedge fund managers

3. [+2,715, -70] How is having your wedding overseas considered a 'small' wedding... not like it's in some field in Kangwongdo

4. [+2,152, -138] ;; Yeah okay..

5. [+1,649, -44] I remember she said she was jealous of So Yoo Jin, I guess she picked one nice and rich for herself too

6. [+1,423, -79] Talk about turning your life around from a back dancer to this

7. [+929, -39] I'm sure he'll be good to her since it's his second marriage and all~ be happy~~

8. [+690, -33] They look like a middle aged couple in their forties~

9. [+704, -63] From back dancer to this, she turned her life around

10. [+616, -45] I thought he was her father for a second, her husband looks like he's had a hard life

11. [+234, -14] Her face looks so masculine

12. [+193, -11] Doesn't the guy work in fashion? What is up with Kahi's dress~~

13. [+107, -1] I used to look up to her because she looked like a dependable unni during her 'After School' days but after seeing her laugh so hard over some swear words that only junior/high school kids would use, I lost a bit of respect for her..

14. [+80, -2] They both look like they've partied and played hard in their younger years, what a perfect fit for each other

15. [+89, -6] It's always the ssen unnis like her who get married well to wealthy men