Follow Up: Agency CEO involved in LA sponsor brokerage arrested

Article: Entertainment CEO who brokered celebrity prostitution overseas arrested

Source: MBC via Naver

The CEO was known to approach female celebrities who were low on income. Celebrity A especially had borrowed 5 million won from him and was unable to pay it back until was presented the offers.

1. [+1,128, -23] You can see in that TV episode about the sponsors that he gave an interview and claimed that he never was involved with that stuff anymore but that was a lie...!

2. [+963, -44] Is the sun "setting" (jina)... it's getting dark outside

3. [+759, -33] Who is it? I guess "time will tell" (jina)

4. [+659, -42] I'll back off so you can live~ that's all I'll say

5. [+514, -31] Hul, I listened to a lot of her songs because I liked her, this is a disappointment

6. [+230, -9] People like Go Young Wook and Sung Hyunah got caught because they were unlucky but there are still a ton of celebrities and CEOs out there that are still involved in this stuff

7. [+222, -8] No wonder she has a ton of Instagram pictures of her vacationing overseas doing nothing.. ㅋㅋ

8. [+215, -8] This is just the tip of the iceberg, remember on that TV show they asked if the public was ready to handle the truth?

9. [+191, -12] But are the comments so sure it's her?
- It's someone who debuted in 2010, left her agency 3 days ago, and was born in '87
- There's only one singer from Cube whose contract recently expired..

10. [+187, -10] Wow, I wonder who the guys paying 35 million won for a night are

11. [+152, -8] Wow, I'm so disappointed in her, I used to be such a fan; it even seemed like her family was well off, why did she do it?

12. [+131, -4] There are still 3 more celebrities left to find~~

13. [+96, -5] This is why so many male celebrities usually say they want to marry a non-celebrity..

14. [+80, -5] I hope that this all "passes" (jina) soon!

15. [+90, -11] 35 million won for one night, I'm speechless.. that's someone's annual salary.

16. [+87, -10] Black and white!!

17. [+73, -6] No wonder we haven't been seeing much of her lately..

18. [+74, -7] She really did all that because she didn't even have 5 million won to pay back?