'Produce 101' reps deny similarities to AKB48

Article: 'Produce 101 ' reps, "We plagiarized AKB48? No, our content is different"

Source: Sports Chosun via Naver

1. [+4,987, -38] But it is the same...

2. [+3,996, -41] That's really shameless of them to say because there are more than few points that are similar

3. [+3,089, -31] ??? The pyramid is something AKB did too

4. [+2,987, -33] Plagiarism scandals are easy to deal with in Korea... just say "I have no idea what you're talking about, I've never even seen it" and the end.

5. [+1,419, -18] Even people who aren't familiar with AKB even said that the system was awfully similar to Japan's idol system. And once people delved deeper into it, the similarities became more apparent.

6. [+524, -6] The only difference that the producers could find was that they eliminate everyone until only 11 gets to debut. The format of 'Produce 101' still sounds really similar to AKB's concept to me.

7. [+527, -8] So embarrassing, we have no right to complain when China copies our TV shows..

9. [+460, -8] Mnet won't wake up until viewers boycott their shows and they hit 0% in viewer ratings

10. [+379, -7] I'm personally sad that shows like this are gaining popularity in the first place;;