[Pann] Girlfriend finds toilet paper on a man's desk

Pann: Girlfriend's toilet paper roll comment

OP talks about Girlfriend's part on 'My Little TV' where they go to a man's house to clean for them and find a toilet paper roll sitting on his computer desk.

Man: Please don't misunderstand ㅠㅠ
Yerin: (holding in her laughter) Unni, maybe he had a runny nose!
Yerin: (while reading the chat) Find the external hard drive!
Yerin: Uhh!! Omo!!!!~~~ (reading the chat and laughing, getting excited)
Man: (gives them the hard drive) You'll find all the episodes of 'Infinity Challenge' in it!
Yerin: Everyone, it's safe
Sowon: The chat is saying that it's probably not used for wiping your nose
Yerin: (bursts into laughter)
10 minutes later
Yerin: I don't think you need toilet paper at your desk!
Man: (taken aback)
Yerin: or do you??!!


1. [+579, -45] Everyone laughed it off but I cringed the whole way through. They're basically indirectly talking about a man's masturbation habits. Girlfriend was only able to get away with it because they're girls but if the genders were reversed, they would've gotten tons of hate. Imagine if Girlfriend were boys and they found a cucumber on a woman's desk and they kept asking her "Why is there here? Do you really need this? Were you going to use this to eat or use as a face mask?" they would've gotten tons of hate.

2. [+440, -33] Isn't this sexual harassment? Imagine if a man had said all those things to a woman

3. [+395, -32] Is it weird to have toilet paper on the desk? Are you supposed to keep it on the floor or what? ㅋㅋㅋ I get they're trying to be funny but it kind of crossed the line for me

4. [+145, -6] Even Shin Dong Yeob is known for being perverted and he's never targeted a woman about masturbation

5. [+106, -3] I don't know why people find this cute. Switch the genders for a second. If a man had found a cucumber on a woman's desk and the man kept reading the chat and saying stuff like, "I have no idea why this cucumber is here! Did you put it here to eat later?" that male idol would've been exiled already.

6. [+104, -5] Sowon's the weird one for even thinking that just by seeing the tissue on his desk. Where does she expect it to be stored? Just randomly on the floor? If a man had said something like that, they would've been called disrespectful. I honestly think they took it too far to the point where the man could've reported them if he felt uncomfortable with what they were saying.

7. [+71, -6] Yup, people are only letting this pass because they're female idols. A male idol would've been exiled already.

8. [+65, -2] Those crazy b*tches would've probably flipped their sh*t if a man had indirectly accused them of masturbation and yet they're saying that stuff to him?;; A male idol would've totally been exiled

9. [+53, -7] Yerin at the end really made me want to smack her, she was being so annoying;

10. [+37, -0] To all the stupid Girlfriend fans trying to shield this, would you like it if a male idol came into your room and saw a pen on your desk and started accusing you of masturbation? Asking you if you really use it only for studying~ why is there a pen here~ can we throw it away? Do you really need this pen? You'd feel embarrassed just like that man did.