Did JYP throw Tzuyu under the bus?

Article: Park Jin Young throws Tzuyu away for Chinese funding

Source: MBN TV via Nate

1. [+1,504, -75] This article says everything I've been wanting to say. I don't understand how JYP thought they had to stoop this low for an apology. All they had to do was apologize and leave it at that, not force a 16 year old girl to read it out loud and blame themselves for not teaching her right. I'm really disappointed in Park Jin Young and find him pathetic in the way he handled this. How can he call himself the leader of a company... he should be embarrassed.

2. [+1,327, -74] Since when did we start caring about the opinions of the Chinese... this is so sad

3. [+1,277, -62] Park Jin Young can act important all he wants, this proves that he's just another greedy celebrity who is crazed by the money.

4. [+103, -12] Park Jin Young turned Tzuyu into a traitor of her own country. Was the money worth it? Is he going to sell our own country off later on for money too?

5. [+101, -8] How dare he turn a young woman into a traitor for money... Tzuyu is so young, what would she know about any of this that they're making her read out loud an apology like that ㅡㅡ If they couldn't protect her until the very end, they should've let her leave the group. Tzuyu has always called herself Chinese but now JYP has forced her to say she's Chinese... are the adults in this situation sane at all? I wonder how Tzuyu will view this situation and her own video in 10 years...

6. [+85, -5] This article hits the nail on the head ㅎㅎ JYP failed to handle the situation in a proper manner and threw Tzuyu under the bus. I was flabbergasted at their audacity to say that they didn't teach her from right.

7. [+84, -5] I don't know why they thought it was necessary to claim that they didn't teach her right;;

8. [+78, -5] Park Jin Young always puts the blame on his artists when scandals like this happen. Nothing is ever his fault, only if it's something good.

9. [+72, -6] JYP failed to protect their own artist in the end. They forced someone who held up her own country's flag to apologize for it and said that they were the ones who didn't teach her right. The decision from start to finish was a selfish one meant only to look out for themselves. JYP is a disappointment.

10. [+58, -5] Park Jin Young has no sense of responsbility. He is a pathetic human being, something that I felt with how he handled Jay Park's scandal. He puts the entire responsibility of blame on to the artists themselves, and here he is doing that once again with Tzuyu ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Tzuyu did nothing wrong. The only ones at fault are the crazy Chinese and Park Jin Young. Tzuyu, we're sorry we couldn't protect you ㅠㅠ

11. [+53, -18] I feel like if YG had handled this, they wouldn't have made her apologize
- I don't think SM would've either
- I bet both SM and YG would have. This is China we're talking about, they're anything beyond imagination.

12. [+51, -3] Park Jin Young is a coward

13. [+42, -4] Park Jin Young could've left it at his apology. Forcing Tzuyu to apologize was going too far. I can't imagine how she must've felt as a Taiwanese born and raised person to be forced to say sorry for holding her own flag and put her head down in apology while claiming herself to be Chinese.

14. [+40, -11] Tzuyu only apologized because she's a freshly debuted rookie. Imagine if she was years into her debut and popular... she probably would've left Twice and JYP for Taiwan.

15. [+36, -16] But I also understand why JYP had to do this because the group was purposely made for Chinese and Japanese advancements.