2015 Seoul Music Awards: Hani tears up for Kim Junsu

Article: 'Seoul Music Awards' Hani, drops tears at the mention of Kim Junsu

Source: Sports Seoul via Daum

1. [+2,939, -295] Hani went through so much to finally hit stardom, and now she's going through all of this emotional suffering now. Don't cry, Hani. You didn't commit a crime.

2. [+2,147, -272] Don't cry! Hani-ya

3. [+1,322, -359] Netizens don't like seeing you cry... she seems to be a lot more soft hearted than we thought. You have to get stronger.

4. [+1,028, -138] I'm sure as his girlfriend it upset her not being able to see her boyfriend get on stage to win an award he won through fan votes.... she must be so upset with him ㅠ

5. [+612, -89] She's not crying because of dating Kim Junsu but because Kim Junsu wasn't able to attend the award show despite winning an award


Source: Nate

1. [+2,013, -173] She must be getting so stressed over this ㅜㅜ The pressure must be unbelievable. I wish people would just let them live and be in love ㅜㅜ

2. [+1,870, -432] Of course Jun Hyun Moo makes cry by getting all in her face with it because he knows she's weaker than him and he can abuse that. Pathetic how he wasn't even able to breathe because he was so nervous with the likes of Im Jae Bum~

3. [+1,733, -357] Why would Jun Hyun Moo do that to her when she's obviously in a loving relationship... He needs to be more considerate of others.

4. [+268, -169] But is this really something to cry over?

5. [+242, -162] Why blame Jun Hyun Moo? Isn't Hani overreacting here? Isn't this something Hani shoud've known would happen? If she can't handle it, she shouldn't be there. Look at Yoona, Suzy, and IU after their dating scandals, they were strong and shameless about it. Hani's so hypocritical, really. Why is it that one show gets to talk about it and another show can't? This is all just something she needs to deal with as a celebrity who makes money off of fame.

6. [+211, -50] In my opinion, Hani did not cry because she felt pressured by her relationship. Hani's lover Kim Junsu won a popularity award by votes but the awards show randomly got rid of the award and did not invite him. Kim Junsu expressed how upset he was on SNS about it and Hani obviously read it... She was up there MCing with a heavy heart, probably.. and Jun Hyun Moo teased her about something so important to her like it was nothing and she probably choked up about that. I feel bad for Hani and Kim Junsu ㅠㅠ

7. [+210, -38] Hani was already feeling upset over Junsu not being able to attend the awards show but Jun Hyun Moo pushed her over the edge by joking about him like that

8. [+161, -94] I don't like Jun Hyun Moo either but I don't get why Hani is crying; why?????

9. [+149, -54] She doesn't have the mentality to be MCing. She's too sensitive.

10. [+144, -59] Hani-ya, I think crying was a bit overreacting. You need to control your emotions as an MC.

11. [+144, -32] I still found it brave of Hani to say that she was proud of him even though he couldn't accept the award ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ Don't cry, Hani-ya

12. [+129, -54] Why is this something to be crying over?

13. [+122, -37] Am I the only one who finds Hani crying over this weird? Even Honey Lee was teased about Yoon Kye Sang and she never cried


Article: 'Seoul Music Awards' what happened with Hani's tears?

Source: TV Report via Naver

1. [+679, -95] Junsu won his popularity award but speculation shows that he was purposely left off the show and the entire award category was excluded by SM. Junsu tweeted to his fans that he's sorry that he has no power to do anything about this and while all of this is going on, Jun Hyun Moo, who is also under SM, kept teasing Hani about Junsu. How could she keep it together under all of that??? If the teasing was just about their relationship, I'm sure she would've handled it differently, but I completely understand why she was upset as his girlfriend.

2. [+659, -101] So disrespectful of Jun Hyun Moo. He makes so many people uncomfortable at every ceremony he MCs for.

3. [+650, -108] Why is the journalist ragging on Hani ㅡㅡ She wasn't professional enough? Then how was Jun Hyun Moo professional by teasing her like that? Everywhere she goes, it's always about Junsu. Obviously she's been holding it in for a while and it just exploded today.

4. [+532, -73] Jun Hyun Moo took his teasing too far, he really needs to fix the way he speaks

5. [+511, -66] Hani seems to have choked up when Jun Hyun Moo talked about Junsu because she was already upset about Junsu not being able to receive his popularity award due to SM

6. [+213, -26] Jun Hyun Moo is so stupid, does he not realize that her boyfriend wasn't able to attend because of his own agency ㅋㅋ and yet he still had the audacity to tease her

7. [+193, -21] Hani did fail to control her emotions as an MC but I'd be pissed and tearing up if I were her too. Jun Hyun Moo needs to draw a line.

8. [+186, -27] Why are people blaming Hani for not being professional when it was Jun Hyun Moo who wasn't professional?????


Article: Hani, the reason behind her tears at Seoul Music Awards?... "Jun Hyun Moo at it again"

Source: Herald Econ via Daum

1. [+92, -14] She was probably upset her boyfriend won #1 but wasn't even invited to the event... and to use his name to tease her like that... Basically a slap to her face. It's cruel to expect her to be smiling in a situation like that.

2. [+75, -12] I'm sure Jun Hyun Moo is being paid tons to stand up there and yet he half a$$es his work like this

3. [+68, -5] It's so immature how Koreans are acting like this with a relationship. In foreign countries, the public doesn't care whether a celebrity is in a relationship or not but in Korea, it becomes something of a joke, something to tease the celebrity for. Look at Jun Hyun Moo... just pointlessly teasing Hani like that with Junsu's name, acting like a little choding. Tsk tsk, we're all chodings for how we're treating her.