Rap Monster apologizes for using quotes in his lyrics without credit

Article: BTS Rap Monster clarifies + apologizes for quoting rap lyrics "It's all my fault"

Source: OSEN via Naver

Rap Mon apologized for using the quote "I'll be your underline, because you're important" in his lyrics for 'U' without crediting the original author of the quote.

1. [+4,747, -502] It's not easy to speak with the original author like that but I'm glad he's taking responsibility for what he's done and apologizing like this. I hope he understands the criticisms for his mistakes and takes this as a growing opportunity.. ㅜㅜ

2. [+4,433, -308] I don't know who he is but this is how you properly apologize

3. [+3,695, -336] Of course it's not right to shield him and blindly defend him in matters like this but I also don't think it's right to attack him as a human being...

4. [+2,807, -126] Plagiarism is plagiarism and it's nothing to shield but out of all the apologies I've seen, his has been the fastest and cleanest of all. I hope he's more careful in the future.

5. [+833, -43] It's not like he did something good but it doesn't seem like it was intentional either.. it's good that he apologized right away.

6. [+810, -39] Better to admit your fault right away than make up excuses

7. [+771, -27] I hope fans don't defend him thinking he apologized and that should be that. He used something without permission and that's his fault. However, he did admit to his fault right away and apologized fast so I hope he focuses on creating better songs in the future~~

8. [+716, -33] Don't hate on him too hard. He's trying hard on Twitter to get in contact with the original author and asking for forgiveness. Everyone makes mistakes, we're all human. Through this, Rap Monster will learn to be a more careful individual.


Source: Daum

1. [+218, -14] So he used a quote originally found on Twitter... well, he apologized quickly and efficiently, at least.

2. [+162, -26] He's a good kid. Certainly looks like he knows how to respect the creations of others.

3. [+113, -19] How humble of him