Ailee admits she has too many songs about getting revenge on bad boyfriends

Article: 'Healing Camp' Ailee's self diss, "I have a lot of songs about getting rid of your bad boyfriends" 'laughter'

Source: TV Report via Naver

1. [+1,541, -17] ㅋㅋ She really does have a lot of revenge songs like "Don't Touch Me" and "I Will Show You"

2. [+1,450, -41] I wish she'd try different genres like a sappy ballad or something jazzy, she has the vocal talent to back it up... but why is it that all her songs are always trendy sounding ones made for karaoke;;;; I don't think her agency knows how to maximize her potential

3. [+1,279, -26] My favorite song by her was 'Heaven'. Other than her debut song, the rest of her songs have been way too powerful... now that she's done a bunch, go back to singing something heavily emotional like 'Heaven'.

4. [+601, -19] I think it's because Ailee's vocals are so refreshing that those type of songs fit well~~

5. [+558, -56] Ailee's suffered so much because of her ex-boyfriend, she must still be so angry with what he did to her

6. [+66, -2] More sad ballads! ㅜㅜ Like 'Heaven' and 'Night Sky'

7. [+63, -5] She's a singer who would've hit daebak under a better agency

8. [+57, -3] I mean it's great that she found a style for herself but all of her songs just end up sounding the same with the same story about getting revenge on a bad boyfriend/ex. Make use of her powerful vocals for a different genre. Gummy is always trying different genres but still managing to create hits. Ailee can do it too!

9. [+62, -6] I personally think talented people like her should just stick to showing off their talent in its purest form. Ailee's a talented vocalist but she tries to show off too much dancing and it's unnecessary. Talented ballerinas are only expected to show off what they're good at, and singing should be no different. The public will remember you for what you're the best at, Ailee~~~ ㅋ