[2015 MAMA] Pann: Krystal looking unhappy at the event?

Pann: Krystal looks like she got in a fight

"It looks like she got in a fight with the members today... kept looking stone faced when they received their award and Amber and Luna left the stage together while Krystal turned and left the other way."

1. [+558, -36] Krystal needs to learn where to draw a line with her chic image. This is not her first rodeo at an official event like this, she can't just stand there looking cold faced all the time. What does that make the members standing there next to her? She's old enough to know now that there's a time and place for her emotions and if she's upset about something, events like this are not the place to show them. If she did get into a fight with them, she should not be showing it now.

2. [+419, -22] Moon Hee Jun asked Krystal if she was feeling upset about something and Krystal just stayed quiet while Luna covered for her

3. [+362, -18] Moon Hee Jun asked her if she was feeling upset on the red carpet and Krystal looked stone faced while Luna covered for her, is something going on?

4. [+211, -9] Hmm... I'm Krystal's fan but she acts so immature. Sure she's young but she's been working all her life and should know that no matter how upset she is, she should learn to smile in situations. This isn't even the first time this has been mentioned.

5. [+196, -9] I don't know if they got into a fight but I did wonder what was wrong with her on the red carpet. Seeing her like this while receiving an award too makes me wonder, what really is wrong with her????

6. [+186, -23] Even if something did happen, how is it right that she stands there with a facial expression like that? She has no professionalism about her job. Just quit her career like her unni did if she wants to take a break that badly. She should learn to act appropriately if she's receiving all this fan love over her pretty face and body. She can't act like this forever.

7. [+181, -7] Sorry but from the perspective of a non-fan, she looks like a b*tch. Even if she's just shy, she's a celebrity for a job, she needs to learn to control her emotions in front of the camera. She should not be making viewers uncomfortable with expressions like that on a huge stage as the MAMA. Her fans spent so much time streaming her album for her to win this award, it wouldn't kill her to smile a bit..

8. [+134, -7] Krystal does this often at public events... It makes not like her..

9. [+128, -6] But her facial expression was weird when she was walking the other way too. I don't know what surprised her but she stopped and stood still for a bit after looking surprised.

10. [+120, -7] I love Krystal and wish she would fix this about herself. People defend her saying she's always like this but this is a public event and people should be respected. It must be frustrating as her member to deal with her being like this, especially since it's not the first time. We're not going to put up with it forever. She should fix it, even if it's just for herself.


Pann: Krystal gets into another attitude controversy today

1. [+84, -8] I was in a group chat with my friends while watching MAMA and when f(x) won their award, everyone was asking what was wrong with Krystal and saying she looked pissed off... who knows what happened but she should control her emotions in a public place like this. You could tell Luna was trying to cover for her and I felt bad for her.

2. [+83, -10] It wasn't just on the red carpet, she was like this on stage receiving the award too. She even left the stage on her own. Something is definitely up.

3. [+46, -3] I like Krystal but she shows her emotions way too much... please learn to differentiate between public and private situations. If she has beef with her members, I don't get why she would act like this on broadcast..

4. [+44, -3] There is no other female idol with as much attitude controversies as Krystal. It's amazing she's been shielded for as far as she has now... Imagine if she was in Girl's Day, she'd be hated to dust.

5. [+38, -3] She just acts however the f*ck she wants

6. [+37, -4] How dare she act like that when a senior like HOT is talking to her? Moon Hee Jun was so big back in the day that people couldn't even look him in the eyes. Pisses me off as an HOT fan.

7. [+37, -3] I'm so jealous of her. She can act all stone cold at places like this and fans will just defend her saying it's her concept.

8. [+26, -3] She's worse than Jessica ㅋㅋ At least Jessica smiled at public events, Krystal has been in attitude controversies for 7 years already, all with fans excusing her for being shy.. she has no sense of professionalism. So what if she's nice to her private friends and fans when she can't even do one basic thing about her job? And of course, there hasn't ever been an apology every time she's gotten into an attitude controversy.