Lee Hongki to release his first solo album in 9 years

Article: Lee Hongki to release his first solo 9 years after debut... release in November

Source: X Sports News via Naver

1. [+569, -29] Tried singing his songs at karaoke and the tone's so high... come out with another good song this time!

2. [+499, -25] FT has improved a lot music wise. Looking forward to his solo.

3. [+442, -25] Hul.. looking forward to it

4. [+112, -2] He's been the vocalist of his band so everyone already knows of his vocal talent ㅋ it's time he shows that he's able to sing songs outside of the rock genre

5. [+111, -2] I really enjoyed his 'Addicted Love' performance on Mask Best Singer so I'm looking forward to it.

6. [+119, -15] FNC is actually putting an article out about FT? They always put them on the backburner... Han Sung Ho-ssi, please realize that there wouldn't be a CNBLUE or AOA without them.

7. [+100, -1] Has Han Sung Ho ever kept a comeback promise... but an Lee Hongki solo is something 'm looking forward to.

8. [+97, -4] If it's a solo, is it going to be music different from the band? He has a good vocal color so I'm looking forward to it. Will his 'For You' contribution to Im Jae Bum's 30th anniversary album ever be released too? ㅜㅜ