Hyosung and Hana give a Halloween make up tutorial on V app

Article: Jun Hyosung and Jung Hana, a girl group using their face like this

Source: OSEN via Naver

1. [+1,429, -112] I thought they were fighting??
- Wasn't it between Sunhwa and Zinger?
- Maybe they made up ㅋㅋ
- Honestly, SECRET is probably one of the groups that suddenly fell into failure
- That fight was so long ago;
- Are you guys babies? You fight once and never make up or what?

2. [+1,379, -120] I bet Han Sunhwa would never do one of these broadcasts thinking she's too high status for it

3. [+1,191, -49] SECRET was the best during 'Shy Boy' and 'Starlight Moonlight' days... 'Yohoo' was a personal favorite too

4. [+707, -111] They were hilarious ㅋㅋㅋ thought they were gagwomen doing the broadcast ㅋㅋ didn't hold back

5. [+158, -10] Looks like Hyosung and Hana are close, what's up with Sunhwa?
- Celebrity disease, top star disease, actress disease

6. [+147, -7] To put it simply, the three are all close except for Sunhwa

7. [+131, -11] Wait, Jung Hana is Zinger?!! Her face is so different, I couldn't even recognize her

8. [+87, -13] Hul, I didn't recognize Zinger or Hyosung... I came in wondering if they were from SECRET but thought it was just someone else with the same name..