IU drops teaser image for 'Chest-Shire' comeback?

Article: IU's charming color lens odd eye... mature feel after dating news

Source: Mydaily via Nate

1. [+546, -220] If you think about it, Eunhyuk has been really nice about it all. He's a victim but never once made excuses for all the hate he was getting and tried to protect IU. While Eunhyuk was getting all this hate, IU was already moving on to the next man and in a relationship. Jang Giha got all the benefits while Eunhyuk was taking all the hate for her. Aigoo, really puts Eunhyuk in a new light.

2. [+382, -169] The different colored eyes probably represents IU's hypocrisy. Acts all innocent on the outside while hiding a two year relationship and then comes out to say, "Aww, I was going to reveal it myself but got caught, oh well ^^"

3. [+380, -147] This is kind of wrong;;; and IU looks more like a fox to me now

4. [+65, -13] Eunhyuk is a saint. IU's the one who put out the picture but he's still getting hate for it while IU gets to go around enjoying dates with Jang Giha.

5. [+55, -7] IU seems to be good with captivating men. Why else would Wooyoung not hesitate putting her on the spot. She's the one who offered to buy him rib-eye but went to the bathroom and pressured him to buy it for her instead ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ what a fox ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ The infamous IU and Wooyoung rib-eye scandal

6. [+53, -9] She's not a bad person but she's a fox because she knows how to get her way with things in her life.

7. [+41, -7] Uh oh... starting to see IU more like a fox ever since her dating scandal... like a fox trying to act all sweet and innocent.

8. [+37, -7] She really manipulated that scandal to work in her favor. Whether that scandal was a mistake or intentional, she's the one who left it up for six hours. Ever since the scandal, she got rid of her childish lolita concept and started doing features with senior artists to look more like a mature musician. Talk about gears in her head.


Source: Naver

1. [+5,103, -367] Ah.. the weather's so cold lately...

2. [+3,705, -787] At the end of the day, she's Jang Giha's woman..

3. [+3,069, -1,507] She's so pretty...

4. [+2,624, -1,117] IU's so pretty, looking forward to her comeback ㅠㅠ

5. [+2,093, -1,255] So happy I won't be able to sleep

6. [+666, -160] Still a bit shocking that she's been dating Jang Giha for two years.. haha

7. [+546, -136] Whenever I looked at Kim Tae Hee, I kept seeing Rain with her... and now whenever I look at IU, I'm going to see Jang Giha with her too.. ugh...

8. [+694, -284] I really feel like Loen's employees are in these comments, so much exaggeration over her being pretty.. She's cute but that cuteness has been tarnished recently..

9. [+582, -164] I always thought Eunhyuk when I saw IU but now it's Jang Giha

10. [+773, -376] Are Jang Giha's staff in the comments?? To me, the picture's weird... like she looks mentally not all there??...

11. [+503, -271] She's a case of image control gone wrong

12. [+384, -172] She should postpone her comeback... why right after her scandal? Makes it harder to focus on her music

13. [+337, -143] Dated Jang Giha... for two years... at his home....