Fiestar's Yezi makes a name for herself through 'Unpretty Rap Star'

Article: Yezi, from acting hard to actually being a hard rapper

Source: OSEN via Naver

1. [+4,533, -96] "Yeah I'm a crazy dog, a crazy dog~"

2. [+4,386, -170] Yezi's crazy good... I have a massive girl crush on her

3. [+3,887, -158] I don't think she was ever 'acting' hard to begin with

4. [+3,073, -127] Keep doing well, Yezi~! Continue to climb up on 'Unpretty'

5. [+2,683, -132] Yezi!! Do well!!!!!

6. [+790, -23] You can tell she's of another class just from her diss rap to Sua.. everything from her lyrics to her delivery

7. [+789, -35] I think she's the best out of the contestants

8. [+760, -32] Almost pissed my pants when she broke down Sua so hard... I really wish she wins

9. [+725, -32] She went from being my least favorite to my most favorite. I used to like Truedy the most but I don't anymore ㅠ

10. [+706, -27] One thing's for sure, she's better than that Yoon Mirae knock-off and the one riding on YG's back

11. [+661, -11] I feel like Yezi was the sacrificial sheep for Mnet's editing but managed to break through all of that with her skills. Mnet needs to stop with their malicious and awkward editing...

12. [+555, -24] Always something goosebump inducing about Yezi's raps

13. [+403, -20] I hope Yezi disses Truedy hard one day ㅜ

14. [+407, -28] I honestly think Yezi is better than the 'Show Me' kids in the recent season

15. [+#74, -14] I never cared about this show until I saw a video of Yezi vs Yoobin vs Sua and Yezi's rap just beat everyone by miles..