Yoobin wins #1 in viewer votes for 'Unpretty Rap Star 2'

Article: 'Unpretty 2' Yoobin takes 'overwhelming' votes as #1 for most supported rapper by viewers

Source: OSEN via Naver

1. [+1,087, -64] How did she get so pretty???

2. [+694, -96] Not like anyone knew who the rest are, this is basically a popularity vote...;

3. [+575, -134] The best example of 'Pretty Unrap Star'

4. [+433, -77] Please don't let viewers vote anymore. Even if it gets hate, just have them vote among each other or the panel of judges. Jimin as an idol is lower in popularity compared to WG and SISTAR but she's still an idol. Hyorin and Yoobin have huge fandoms that will just vote for them regardless of rap skill.

5. [+334, -85] Gilme will chew her alive

6. [+97, -10] Yoobin seems to have a sensitive personality, I feel like she's going to get hurt here ㅜ but I do think this is an opportunity for her to gain experience and earn recognition from people!

7. [+69, -22] Just saw the pre-release video and Yoobin's voice and visuals were amazing ㅋㅋ can't help but look forward to her. I'll be watching the first broadcast today for sure.

8. [+52, -10] I prefer GIlme. Both a great rapper and singer.

9. [+70, -25] I hope she wins with 'overwhelming' skill as well, I'll be supporting her

10. [+46, -11] She might do better than we think!! Hopefully she shows her rap skills which she hasn't been able to show us so far~ let's go for a real #1