On the Charts: SNSD, Girlfriend

Article: SNSD and Girlfriend, the meaning of going back up the charts

Source: Joy News 24 via Naver

1. [+1,982, -222] In the end, the two songs are nice to listen to. And Melon reflects public opinion well so it's not a chart that fans can just control up and down as they wish.

2. [+1,683, -196] Girlfriend seems promising in the digital department. Maybe because their song's so good... of course not comparable to SNSD but they are a rookie group to look out for.

3. [+1,011, -110] They're both good songs and hard workers so their true worth is shining

4. [+896, -102] Songs blooming amidst the hip hop trend ^^ they're good songs~~

5. [+798, -146] SNSD and Girlfriend really are climbing back up the charts~ the best igrl groups~!

6. [+244, -50] SNSD proves their 8 years of experience with an impressive concept and performance... and they have a classic but modernized version of retro that's a lot easier to listen to than all of the loud songs that are filling up the digital charts. SNSD is really paving their path to becoming a long running group with this promo.

7. [+212, -48] I really really like SNSD's song

8. [+213, -56] I had a feeling 'Lion Heart' would comeback.. kept humming it as soon as I heard it.