[Instiz] Yeri reads a malicious comment about herself?

Instiz: Severe hate directed towards Red Velvet Yeri...

"This is Yeri's facial expression after this comment went up. I honestly think she read it and tried not to make it obvious but you could tell that her facial expression hardened right after she read it while the other members were talking. She stopped talking and sounded like she was holding back tears during the dance rehearsal. They also turned on another song after that but she went to the back and just smiled. I don't think the other members read the comment but Yeri did. Please, if you have a brain, use it before you write comments. I'm wondering if I should send this to SM. Remember that she's also an average high school freshman before she's a celebrity, you crazies."

Comment: Ye ri you sl ut stop acting up before I stick a knife in your vagina

The ID used turned out to be a Taeyong fan.


"How dare they say something like that to a kid.."

"I was so shocked when I saw that today that I screencapped it as well. How can you think of saying something like that to a young kid?"

"I wonder how she felt reading that... ugh... people are so mean. I hope they are punished."

"She's a 17 year old girl before she is a celebrity... can't imagine how hurt she is."

"Aigoo, I think SM needs to take legal action for this. Sue her and bring her up to Yeri's face and see if she can still say something like that."

"She must've felt so scared ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ"

"Shouldn't legal action be taken over this..."

"Not even a fan and this makes me swear, is it not possible to report this?"

"Let's not be like this to a baby."

"I bet if she gets sued, she'll be like 'my dongsaeng wrote it, it wasn't me I'm sorry ㅠㅠ'"

"I hope she wasn't hurt but she obviously was hurt by it... Yeri-ya, let's stick to reading only the positive things ㅠㅠㅠㅠ"

"People get way too out of line under the power of anonymity."

"Sad situation all around for both the singer and her fans."

"I really hope they take legal action."