Girlfriend continues the trend of hitting jackpot off a fancam

Article: Another luck of the fancam? But popularity depends on good content

Source: OSEN via Naver

1. [+469, -31] EXID was successful in getting their name known with their fancam but afterwards it was their talent that got them acknowledged and to where they are now. Luck can come to anyone but it's all about whether you have the talent to back it up or just benefit a bit off of it and disappear again.

2. [+273, -17] The celebrity industry is definitely about getting that one daebak to completely turn your life around. Psy's 'Gangnam Style', Crayon Pop's 'Bar Bar Bar', EXID's 'Up & Down', Hyeri's aegyo, etc...

3. [+205, -34] Effort will never betray you

4. [+158, -19] They're all hard workers

5. [+144, -22] I like both groups... hard workers

6. [+53, -13] A Pink, AOA, and Girl's Day grew to become popular girl groups with consistently good music while EXID and Girlfriend struggled to properly promote their songs because of low public recognition and basically didn't get the attention they deserved. Their fancams helped people who would otherwise never know about them discover their talents. Red Velvet just gets the complete support of SM's stupid fangirls and SM's influence along with the support of Naver and music show PDs for a facade of fame that they then use to make it seem like they're a popular girl group to others. It's the same as stars who manage to get on 'Infinity Challenge' becoming popular stars too. In the end, it's all about how you promote yourself.

7. [+45, -10] Getting popular off of a fancam is about luck but also a combination of being talented as well. Simply luck won't do it alone.

8. [+43, -13] For a rookie girl group barely a year into their debut, the thing they need most is public recognition... and the fancam of them falling on stage was the perfect way to get that attention and then their good song backed it up in keeping that attention. In the end, their talent backed up the attention they earned. Without the talent, their luck would've been wasted. Girlfriend's success can't be blamed solely on luck.

9. [+34, -7] Luck only comes to those who are prepared, not to just anyone

10. [+34, -7] Basically saying that you can only benefit off of a fancam if your song is good too