Dispatch's top 10 actresses in beautiful hanboks

Lee Young Ae

Kim Tae Hee 
Ha Ji Won

Han Ji Min

Han Hyo Joo

Lee Yeon Hee

Park Min Young

Kim Min Jung

Han Chae Ah

Moon Chae Won

Article: 10 Beautiful actresses show traditional beauty in hanbok

Source: Dispatch via Naver

1. [+5,229, -89] Lee Young Ae's so beautiful..

2. [+4,265, -90] Wow, Lee Young Ae's a wall...

3. [+3,018, -214] Lee Young Ae by far

4. [+2,245, -522] Lee Young Ae and Moon Chae Won are the best

5. [+1,735, -211] I knew Han Ji Min would be here, she's a hanbok goddess

6. [+548, -35] They're all pretty... but Lee Young Ae owns them by far

7. [+513, -31] Lee Young Ae has a classy and luxurious aura to her

8. [+490, -36] Lee Young Ae pulls off the hanbok the best

9. [+432, -26] Wow, god Young Ae... Kim Tae Hee looks pretty but Lee Young Ae looks best in hanbok

10. [+428, -30] Lee Young Ae's gorgeous...