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Friday, August 28, 2015

Yoobin reveals her strict drums practice regime

Article: Wonder Girls Yoobin, "I practice the drums in all the times I wasn't eating or sleeping" (Interview)

Source: Star News via Nate

1. [+345, -81] And this is the best you can do?

2. [+336, -70] But for 'Unpretty', she said she only practiced her rapping;;;; make up your mind

3. [+260, -46] Your feet are just as important as your hands in drumming... she's not 100% drumming, there's something lacking about her skills.

4. [+38, -15] Hey, maybe she just sleeps and eats longer than we think...

5. [+35, -17] Seems she just doesn't have a talent for drums then

6. [+33, -15] Saw you updating your Instagram quite often as well

7. [+26, -17] What about practicing your rap?

8. [+23, -12] I wonder who the better rapper is between Danny Ahn, Yoobin, Hyuna, Taecyeon, and Chansung

9. [+22, -23] What is the point of leaving hateful comments all the time, especially on Nate. Experts and other instrument players have praised them saying they could see the amount of effort put in. And other bands have to hand sync on music shows too because we just don't have the system set up for live band performances. It might be hand synced live but they did actually play the instruments for the pre-recording.

10. [+20, -26] I'll always be supporting for them working hard and trying their best



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