Stellar doesn't mind their controversial image if it gets people to listen

Article: Stellar, "Sexually suggestive controversy? We're grateful if people even take a listen to our song once"

Source: X Sports News via Naver

"If a concept like this makes someone watch our music video or listen to our song at least once, then I'd be glad for it."

1. [+6,485, -1,303] So they don't have the talent for it but they still want fame... but then they resorted to taking clothes off and we're supposed to consider that effort too?

2. [+5,207, -474] Their last album was a sexual concept but I feel like they're going too far with the begging and "please feel bad for us" concept this time. Have some confidence in yourself, I'm sure better days will come.

3. [+4,765, -727] It seems quite obvious that they're desperately trying their best to get somewhere so it seems wrong to hate on them when they're not even that popular to begin with

4. [+3,526, -104] SPICA not getting popular made me sad but then I see Mamamoo get big and all of this sounds like excuses now. You really have to be from a huge agency or get lucky.

5. [+714, -75] I get that they're in a rough situation but it feels like they're begging us to feel bad for them more and more. You're singers, just sing.

6. [+702, -81] Maybe more people will focus on your songs if you put some clothes on...

7. [+591, -36] Their agency's new image for them seems to be beggars... beg for people to feel bad for them.

8. [+518, -53] I feel like they're trying to media play with this image like "Our song is good but we're not getting popular because of our sexual controversy ㅠㅠㅠㅠ" and it's making it hard to like them

9. [+364, -32] How much longer are they going to whine about this for? It's so obvious their agency has no other plans for them. The public isn't listening to their music because they don't care for it. Until when are they going to blame their circumstances on that? For a group to record consistently bad results like them, it just shows that this is the best they're going to get.

10. [+348, -26] The problem is that people will listen once but they won't listen again