SNSD, how has their comeback been faring?

Article: SNSD's presence alone makes their comeback shine

Source: X Sports News via Naver

1. [+2,905, -1,159] They are my favorite group but I think this 5th album has shown their worst results yet... and especially with the public sentiment now and their digital rankings... they should find their roots and work hard.

2. [+2,705, -1,262] They won #1 once purely off of their presence... but they chose really bad songs. 'Party' was alright since it was a summer song but the other two... this really looks to be the end of them.

3. [+2,210, -868] SNSD is certainly amazing but their recent album leaves much to be desired... it feels like an ingredient is missing from a dish, like eating jajangmyun without pickled radish.

4. [+2,403, -1,246] Even after failing, they media play as if they've succeeded... this is why they get hate.

5. [+1,934, -1,069] I bet Jessica's all smiles right now

6. [+693, -208] I'm sorry that SNSD fans have to hear this but I feel like SNSD doesn't know what to do with themselves anymore. They're not like SHINee or f(x) where they have a clear and unique music style that has a mania fanbase or are completely public friendly with songs like 'Gee' where everyone can tell 'ah! this is an SNSD song!' when they first hear it. Right now, they're not this or that. They've been in this for 10 years and I don't think they have cemented an identity for themselves yet. Fans are always talking about how their other songs on the album are good but with the public, if you're not able to draw them in with the title track, they're not going to take the time to check out their other songs too. SNSD is really in a rut if they've had this many promos and teasers and comeback articles and this is the best they can do.

7. [+729, -258] As of the 20th, Lion Heart is 17th on Melon's daily chart, You Think is 80th....

8. [+719, -262] Their title track is ranked 70th on Melon.....

9. [+638, -212] It's fact that their fandom has gone down in size since a year ago. They released their song at night and still couldn't hit #1, that's really bad. And they had so many scandals last year on top of a member leave that I'm surprised they've even promoted to this point. For now, the public sentiment against them and digital rankings are tragic.

10. [+681, -267] This seems to be Soshi's last year... I do like them but I think it's time that they just enjoy what they have left with their fans. They've already achieved everything they could anyway.

11. [+403, -107] I bet even SNSD would be embarrassed of this article's media play title....

12. [+512, -222] They're the so-called girl group one top but it hasn't even been a month but three days and their song is ranked 16th? This is the end for them... but of course they'll probably be given a music show win and fans will claim that digital score isn't everything to help themselves feel better, all this combined with SM's amazing media play..

13. [+354, -65] I'm not a fan but I feel like I see a general pattern with how SM trains their artists... Debut them with something weird, then hit top status with 2-3 public friendly hit tracks, then throw them out overseas without a care for their domestic base since they're making more there anyway. You can tell with the poor response 'I Got a Boy' received in Korea and yet SM keeps coming out with similar songs, they don't care about Korea..

14. [+358, -92] At least WG learned instruments during their hiatus, I feel like SNSD always has their music focused on their looks. I've never seen any music improvements from them. They media play with their faces but how long can that last them? The limits of that are starting to show now..

15. [+413, -148] What is going on with SNSD's digital rank... Last year they were demolished by Sunmi... and now they can't even manage to stay in the top 10..