SISTAR's 'Bad Guy' sounds like Xia's 'Flower'?

Article: [Starcast] 'Evil Show' SISTAR, chit chat with the loving yet evil femme fatales

Source: OSEN via Naver

1. [+1,892, -346] Their title track is a lot worse than their other songs ㅠ

2. [+1,285, -370] SISTAR's songs sound weird at first but you find yourself humming along after a while

3. [+832, -281] Can't help but fall for Hyorin's voice~!!

4. [+453, -67] Honestly, their concept for the past three years has been the same. Same songs, same hot pants that look like panties.

5. [+207, -25] I like SISTAR's songs but... their newest 'Bad Guy' sounds a lot like Xiah Junsu's title track 'Flower'... it's exactly the same to the point where only the lyrics are different. The two songs are already being compared on YouTube.. ㅠ

6. [+175, -20] What are they going to do about 'Bad Guy' being similar to Xia's 'Flower'... They always get into sajaegi controversies and I stuck through them all this time but plagiarism is no good...

7. [+128, -11] 'Bad Guy' and Xia's 'Flower' have already been compared and I'm not trying to hate on SISTAR because us fans already know that it's the composers fault. Can someone also compare the notes for the chorus too?

8. [+108, -14] Whoever composed SISTAR's 'Bad Guy'... did he really think he wouldn't get caught plagiarizing Xia's 3rd album title track? Even non-fans thought it was similar as soon as they heard the comparison video choruses. Did the composer think he could get away with it by just changing the key from a male's to a female's?

9. [+104, -21] Honestly, their 'Bad Guy' song is pretty much the same as Kim Junsu's 'Flower'... am I the only one? If they really plagiarized it, they can't even take it on broadcast..

10. [+55, -6] I think they need to start by clarifying this plagiarism issue... it honestly just sounds like a female version of the male song;;;




Pann: SISTAR's 'Bad Guy' is a plagiarism of Xia's 'Flower'

1. [+164, -4] Wow, what is this... crazy

2. [+163, -5] Hul, this is exactly the same except the last note. I'm not even a Xia fan but I listened to that song so many times ㅋㅋㅋ and it's not like the song did poorly, did they think they could get away with it?

3. [+137, -3] Yeah, they definitely need to answer to this...;