Girl group summer comeback missions

Article: Girl group comeback missions that they need to solve

10asia via Naver

SNSD: Prove that SNSD is still as strong with 8 members.

SISTAR: Prove a 100% success rate for summer comebacks.

Nine Muses: Achieve something definite!

A Pink: Show the charms of an innocent girl group.

AOA: Prove that they're the trend with costume-play concepts.

Mamamoo: Show presence!


1. [+1,106, -234] SNSD already proved at their Tokyo Dome concert that they're able to perfectly erase Jessica's absence. Just trust what they put out and listen to it.

2. [+836, -151] Mamamoo's super amazing...

3. [+806, -142] SNSD's just far above and beyond in terms of physical sales that anyone going up against them needs a super good song in order to even hope to beat SNSD or 2NE1...
- What does a good song have anything to do with album sales when fans buy purely out of their fan obligation? No one would even buy albums if they didn't count towards points on a show.
- 2NE1's not that known for their album sales...
- This isn't the '90s anymore, who actually buys albums to listen to them, we all buy them digitally. And SNSD has tons of members so fans buy them to collect the photocards so of course they're going to double the sales of other girl groups. Digital achievements are way more fair and a representation of public interest than physical sales.

4. [+363, -127] Everyone's a winner ㅎㅎ fighitng to AOA too!

5. [+116, -11] No one's going to be able to win over SNSD physical sales wise. A Pink has been doing well recently but they're still not able to go up against SNSD, 2NE1, T-ara, or KARA, even though T-ara and KARA are has-beens now.

6. [+153, -49] SNSD is still at the top, I'd say..

7. [+108, -18] I really wish SNSD would come out with a good song this time so other fandoms will shut up about them being has-beens ㅠㅠ Soshi jjang

8. [+86, -7] I have no idea what's going to happen on the digital charts but SNSD for sure is stronger physically... They can come out with a song like 'The Boys' and still sell 470,000 copies...

9. [+113, -58] A Pink fans keep thinking they can hold up their own but seeing how 'Pinky Finger' and 'My Darling' failed digitally, they're not as strong as they think. A real reflection of power comes from examples like SNSD coming out with crappy songs like 'I Got a Boy' and 'Mr. Mr.' and still being able to put out results and maintain them. Even SISTAR is widely known as digital powers.
- But 'Pinky Finger' was a fansong...
- Well everyone accuses SNSD's 'Catch Me' for failing but that was just a Japanese release too ㅋㅋ
- Who cares whether a fan song does well or not, it's the title track that matters

10. [+46, -7] SNSD just needs another song like 'Gee' or 'INTW' and they'll get a hit