'Mukbang' BJ SOF reveals his income for the day

Article: 'Mom is watching' BJ SOF, income is ~$180 a day

Source: TV Report via Naver

BJ Sof is a cooking/mukbang livestream personality on Afreeca TV. The show followed him for 24 hours and at the end of the day, his 'balloons', or internet currency, earned him about $180USD.

1. [+595, -10] I guess you have to be a super famous BF to make good money...

2. [+496, -9] But aside from that income, I'm sure he gets food sponsorships and is on TV more frequently than other BJs so he should still make a lot~

3. [+393, -4] Personal broadcasts do well if you have the creativity for it

4. [+266, -29] I thought SOF was handsome ㅜㅜ

5. [+77, -3] SOF is an amazing person. Used to work at a hotel but changed his career path to achieve his dream. He probably also makes money off of his monetized videos on YouTube.

6. [+74, -0] I like him because he actually teaches you cooking. I wish him luck. Sad that some streamers can just sit and smile at the camera with some plastic surgery beauty and make more money.

7. [+61, -0] I like him because he's a good cook and has a funny way with words~

8. [+60, -0] I used to think BJs made easy money but seeing SOF, I guess that's not always the case. His entire day was structured around his live stream and I'm sure he's not left with much once he pays his bills and loans.