Crayon Pop is satisfied with their progress, doesn't consider themselves failures

Article: "Crayon Pop is a failure now? We're satisfied even now!"

Source: TV Report via Naver

1. [+1,024, -123] Crayon Pop's Choa is just completely overshadowed by AOA's Choa now

2. [+896, -191] Ilbeyon Pop. Ilbe raised 'em up and Ilbe raised 'em back down ㅋㅋㅋ

3. [+729, -87] Don't even care about the Ilbe stuff anymore because their songs are so bad..

4. [+568, -49] 'Bar Bar Bar' was really that big of a syndrome..

5. [+448, -40] They're just a concept group. If they don't have the right concept, their entire group becomes lost. From helmets to 'Bar Bar Bar', a song with an excellent beat that's a rare production nowadays... their new retro sound just doesn't fit them.

6. [+87, -9] I still see them at a lot of events though

7. [+85, -9] If Crayon Pop's a failure, I can't imagine what those groups lower in public recognition than them are considered

8. [+84, -9] There are hundreds of idols that in Korea that people aren't aware of. I don't think winning #1 should be the goal here when there are other singers who don't even get half the events that Crayon Pop does.