Yoo Seung Ok cries about reading her hateful comments

Article: Yoo Seung Ok "I read all of my hateful comments... some are too sexual to even say" breaks down into tears

Source: TV Daily via Nate

"I honestly read all of the comments on my articles. I even read the comments to the comments. Some may consider them hateful comments but there are also people who give constructive criticism."

When asked if she had a comment that stuck out to her, she said, "It's hard to say. Some are too sexual for me to even mention."


1. [+817, -190] Hmm... I know this might be taken the wrong way but.. I don't know if it's her concept or anything but she got in the headlines for her body to begin with.. so I think she needs to just deal with the comments that come with that. Of course it's wrong that people are even leaving comments like that in the first place ㅎㅎㅎ Find strength

2. [+725, -132] Sounds like deja vu... Happened with Clara. She'd show skin, cry over it, show skin again.. etc.

3. [+601, -149] It's not easy making money. Non-celebrities who work in companies have to deal with much worse than you so stop whining.

4. [+54, -11] Can't believe she's 26 years old. She looks over 30.

5. [+50, -26] Then put on some clothes... you're basically the second Clara ^^

6. [+41, -10] Let's be honest, she used her body to get headlines and TV slots.. who honestly knows what her actual job is? A physical trainer, an actress, a non-celebrity? She can't act, doesn't have a face for acting...

7. [+38, -4] Stop whining and put on some clothes then. She's out on TV sticking her butt out and showing off her body, her chest... Now she's even crying to gain sympathy. What hasn't she done yet for attention?

8. [+28, -4] So why go with a cheap concept and get all this hate? Focus on your acting if you want to be actress, focus on your singing if you want to be a singer... And focus on your sexual image if you want these sexual comments.