Yoo Se Yoon's 'retard imitation' also surfaces + [Update] Yoo Sang Moo's 'drugging women'

Article: Yoo Se Yoon, past radio where he imitates the mentally handicapped and laughs

Source: Mydaily via Naver

[ Note: Teacher's gender isn't specified ]

Yoo Sang Moo: I want to find my elementary school teacher.

JDM: So you can beat her up?

YSM: I want to find my homeroom teacher from sixth grade. Her name was Kim XX and I graduated from XX elementary school. Her thumb was physically handicapped."

JDM/YSM: So? What do you want to find her for? To make fun of her?

JDM: Make fun of her after finding her since 30 years?

Yoo Se Yoon: I guess she'll never be the 'best', huh?

JDM: Hahaha

YSM: Nah, she was able to do the thumbs up.

YSY: Aaaghh (imitating noises of the retarded)

YSM: Yah, I said her thumb was handicapped, why are you doing that?

YSY: Aaaaggghh (continues to imitate noises, audience laughs)

YSM: What're you doing?

YSY: The beeest~ (all laugh)


1. [+716, -64] No, the journalists aren't the ones creating this mess, they're the ones who are at fault for mocking the retarded

2. [+628, -54] They deserve this karma...

3. [+474, -49] Yoo Se Yoon is seriously so disrespectful... It's amazing how the three of them got as popular as they are now.

4. [+201, -16] They may have a talent for making people laugh but I don't think they know how to understand and console the pain of others.

5. [+97, -6] I hated how he got sympathy after his drunk driving scandal, finally he's getting the boot

6. [+90, -8] The absolute worst person in the world is one who looks down on those weaker than him... the audience is just as bad those men for laughing along. A shame that delinquents like them are so common in society now... and so many who support them as well.

7. [+90, -10] How can the three of them be the same like this? Stop making money in such dirty ways

8. [+89, -10] So disrespectful, I thought Yoo Se Yoon was the most normal out of the three but I guess not

9. [+77, -6] Sigh, those trash... laughing along with that... how can anyone laugh at your jokes anymore?


Article: Are Yoo Sang Moo and Yoo Se Yoon also responsible? Controversy of radio podcast grows

Mydaily via Naver

1. [+3,641, -272] Can we take this opportunity to ban celebrities of all crimes? From army scandals to drugs and even one who hid a corpse!

2. [+3,488, -555] How about you throw Jo Hyung Ki and Lee Hyun Woo in jail instead of chasing kids like them

3. [+2,718, -403] Anyone who laughed along with Jang Dong Min should also take the responsibility of the blame

4. [+2,254, -439] I definitely think they are to blame as well..

5. [+569, -74] Even if they didn't say as many bad things as Jang Dong Min, they still put down retarded people and sang songs about rape... the three of them are one and the same. The three should apologize together and screw off with their stupid jokes.


Article: Jang Dong Min, Yoo Se Yoon, Yoo Sang Moo to have emergency press conference today 'finally opening up'

Source: Newsen via Nate

1. [+430, -50] Sigh... I was a fan of the three, especially Yoo Se Yoon, which makes this more upsetting... Even if this feels like a witch hunt, they said what they said in the end, which is the undeniable truth.. They should've been more careful. What a waste of Yoo Se Yoon's talents.

2. [+392, -66] Hmm... I do feel bad but I am also angered... I feel like they're all being punished now all for that one Infinity Challenge spot. But then again, they deserve this punishment too... I don't know, it's such a tricky situation.

3. [+283, -29] Why oh why did they have to do that radio show out of their own pocket when even their own agencies told them not to do it? They dug their own graves... so upsetting as a fan ㅜㅜ


Article: Yoo Sang Moo, "If you bring a woman, I'll prepare the drugs" shocking past statement

Mydaily via Nate

JDM: If you don't have a girlfriend, bring a woman you like.

YSM: I like this idea.

JDM: If you bring a woman you like, we'll make sure that love is born.

YSM: We'll prepare the drugs that day hahaha.

YSY: We can be like, "let's have a cup of coffee together" hahahha

JDM: Yeah, we'll be like, "this is our event" and then handcuff them hahaha.


1. [+429, -56] Why are people defending them saying the past is the past? They clearly haven't reflected at all. If a mistake was made, it must be righted.

2. [+372, -39] The scandals just keep erupting tsk tsk tsk, gotta be careful of what you say even when you're asleep

3. [+346, -43] I notice that they only make fun of the weaker members of society... army juniors, retards, women, coordis, bullied people, a woman who survived a life threatening event...