[Pann] What is going on with EXO's Lay?

Pann: These are the facts and evidences regarding EXO Lay's withdrawal. Please read it.

'EXO Lay will not leave the group.'

For his own personal profit, Lay is currently promoting individually in China while still remaining as a member of EXO, basically earning both income through solo activities and with the group.

I will summarize the general sentiment among EXO fans and our communities in hopes that many will read this and judge whether EXO fans are being irrational in their criticism of Lay's actions. We are of the opinion that a fan should prioritize the group's promotions and we ask that you, as the third party (even if you don't like EXO), judge for yourself as well.


February 2014

Lay requested for his own personal studio (agency) in China from SM. SM rejected the request.
--> As said Lay's Chinese interview

May 5th, 2014

Kris leaves EXO

July 2014

Lay requests once again for his own personal studio from SM.
-> Lay then said in his Chinese interview and Weibo that [I want SM to change.]

October 10th, 2014

Luhan leaves EXO
-> On the day of Luhan's leave, Lay updated his Weibo saying, "Goodbye brother. Let's stand on one stage once again when the opportunity comes! I support your decision as your hyung, I bless you."

March 31st, 2015

Right before the release of EXO's new album EXODUS, Lay successfully finalizes the paperwork for his Chinese agency 'Zhang Yixing Workshop'

April 7th, 2015

A Chinese Lay fansite that has supported him since his child actor days in China for 10 years "accidentally" leaks their support of Lay's personal agency pretending it was a mistake in a malicious manner just one hour before EXO's third year anniversary.
-> EXO fan communities subsequently blow up with wild speculations on Lay leaving the group.

April 8th, 2015 [EXO's third anniversary]

In a rush, SM reps make press releases at 8:30 AM confirming that they have set up an agency for Lay.

Lay reps added, "He will not be leaving EXO and will be complying with the duration of his contract. He will also be working towards the advancement of his own company."

EXO fans were disappointed in Lay and began expressing their rage over his actions. Only Lay fans were left to shield him.

- Now here are the opinions of the fans who 'threw Lay away' and where they stand -

[1] Criticism of his attitude and his nonattendance EXO's team schedules just for his own personal profit when the team is in the middle of group promotions.

[2] The very fact that Lay has his own personal agency not under the name Lay but under his real name Zhang Yixing with hired staff not employed under SM but under himself. His personal profits will also not be divided with the other members and as a solo agency, he will not be working his schedule around SM.

- The opinions of Lay fans -

[1] Lay is opening up a path for EXO-M to have an easier time in the Chinese music market. Through Lay, EXO-M will have more promotion opportunities in the Chinese industry.

[2] Lay may have registered a personal agency as an individual but he still an EXO member and has not left the group yet. As he has not left the group yet, he does not have a reason to be criticized.

-> But if Lay set up his personal agency for EXO-M, then why is Lay filming a personal movie and personal variety show and why are his staff employed not under SM but under himself?


The release of Lay's interview yesterday has left fans even more disappointed with his attitude and with a loss of trust.

[1] When asked 'What would you have done if SM did not set up a personal agency for you?' Lay said, "I would have complied with the terms of my contract. I cannot terminate my contract."
-> However, his contract terms are something he needs to comply with so fans were enraged with his attitude that read more like, 'Look, I'm still in EXO aren't I? Complying with the terms, right?'

[2] "With myself, Zhang Yixing, complying with EXO's contract terms, I touched the reps of SM and earned the support of all of EXO. My actions are creating open change to the company of SM for all Chinese artists."

[3] Lay: "I have to work hard to show that the Chinese can be trusted. If everyone terminated their contracts, then SM would never work with another Chinese again. Talks of all these scandals will block an effective way of communication with Korea and China."


The majority of EXO fans will no longer be supporting Lay. EXO fans, let's find strength. Let's protect EXO.

I hope that many people will read this post.

The judgment is your call.


1. [+143, -14] As someone from an outside party, I don't like how this Chinese person is saying he's going to change SM or whatever. Whether you hate SM or not, they're still one of the top companies in Korea... does he take the Koreans for a joke? And what's all his talk about change? Is he saying that everyone should be grateful towards him that he's still working under contract in Korea even while he's running a business in his own country?

2. [+134, -9] So he wants to share EXO's money and keep his own profits in the end. What he wants is to make more money without losing anything on his end. He can use his EXO title as Lay and also promote as Zhang Yixing. How can fans support that blindly?

3. [+129, -10] This is ridiculous ㅋㅋㅋ He acted all innocent and nice on the outside but he had this greed growing inside of him the entire time?

4. [+73, -2] Stuff like this makes you realize why the Chinese are so good at winning individual gold medals in the Olympics but can't do group sports like soccer ㅋㅋ

5. [+68, -2] I'd be so pissed if I was Jongdae or Minsuk. Having four foreigners in one team is a lot and two have already left and they can clearly see that the third only has one foot in the group and the other out ㅋㅋ Who wouldn't be pissed

6. [+61, -3] So what's the conclusion? That he wants more money? But doesn't want the hate that Kris and Luhan are getting for leaving? So he's putting his leave on standby but threatening SM with it so that he can get a company out of it so he can make money both as an individual and EXO. He must think he's so smart, doesn't he!

7. [+58, -3] As an EXO-L, I hurt for Tao the most. When fans were in denial when Kris left and made up rumors saying SM forced the members to unfollow Kris or that their phones were taken away, Tao was the first to show his cellphone ot his fans to show them that they weren't taken away. And when Luhan left, he put up a picture of a bracelet with 10 charms and said he wanted the EXO members to stay as 10 too... and during another filming, he was happy about his in-ear having 12 stars on it but then took two off with his own fingers.. He got so much hate from the Chinese for being a traitor and he still writes in Korean more than Chinese on his Instagram and still gets so much hate for it, it breaks my heart ㅠㅠㅠㅠ Lay is the last Chinese member to Tao and I'm sure he was a great source of strength so now I don't know what Tao must be thinking anymore..

8. [+51, -1] Never thought there'd come a day that I'd be disappointed in Lay...;;

9. [+45, -2] If something happens to the team later, Lay's blame is the biggest. If I was Tao or an M member, I'd be super pissed.

10. [+43, -1] Ridiculous that an idol member with only three years under his belt has been asking for so much from his company since last year. Even seniors take at least 5 years before they start voicing their opinions to the companies. Just how low does he think of his company that he thinks he can do that? Luhan and Kris talked about a personal agency too and left when SM didn't comply. The three of them must've talked about it together. And obviously since the two left, SM has no choice but to comply with Lay. I don't think Lay will terminate his contract but I think he'll stay in China once his contract with EXO is over. Then Tao will leave too... Poor Minsuk and Jongdae.

11. [+35, -0] Funny how no matter how long their trainee period lasted, they never thought of China or wanting to go back but the minute they debut, they're all so desperate to go back ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Then freaking debut in China to begin with ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

12. [+33, -2] Lay's the same case as Luhan and Kris, just that his outcome sounds more like it's going to end up the same as Jessica. Jessica wanted to do a personal business in the middle of her SNSD contract and SM kicked her out for it. Lay might be complying with EXO's contract now but who knows when he's going to end up like Jessica.