Nepal earthquake leaves over 900 dead and counting in its wake

Article: Nepal earthquake, at least 668 dead... "The worst disaster in 80 years"

Source: Naver

1. [+2,986, -32] This is horrible...

2. [+2,613, -26] Find strength... Praying for no more deaths..

3. [+2,148, -29] How tragic.. the power of nature is so scary.

4. [+1,918, -30] Hoping for a speedy recovery for those injured

5. [+1,624, -34] Hoping that the death toll won't go up anymore..

6. [+218, -7] I wonder if Sujan's famiy from 'Abnormal Summit' is okay... Hoping that no more are injured.

7. [+208, -11] Don't leave bad comments. We are all members of this Earth.

8. [+178, -5] I live in Nepal. I've experienced a fear for my life that I've never felt before in my life. I heard there's another earthquake at 4 am tomorrow. I've packed my bags and am trying to get some sleep now... many houses have collapsed along with the brick fencing around my own home. I've now felt how strong a 7.7 feels with my own skin..


Article: Death toll rises to 876 in Nepal earthquake

Source: News 1 via Nate

1. [+102, -5] Ah.. why do such tragedies always happen in the poorer countries.. I hope they're getting a lot of help.

2. [+74, -2] Korea is not safe either

3. [+67, -3] Can't imagine how scared they must've felt... rest in peace.