Jang Dong Min, Yoo Se Yoon, and Yoo Sang Moo bow heads in apology at press con

Article: 'OngDalSaem' trio bow heads in apology at press conference

Source: Mydaily via Naver

1. [+9,379, -1,012] Not his fan or anti but I feel like he was a time bomb waiting to explode with the way he talks. Even if not through 'Sixth Man', he would've exploded sooner or later.

2. [+7,548, -678] It's going to be hard for the three of them to be able to say anything on TV for a while...

3. [+6,694, -724] Did they really not think that their old controversial statements would get them into a scandal?

4. [+6,757, -1,348] They still have a future ahead of them. Just take this as an opportunity to further develop themselves and improve. Understand that celebrities are the establishment and use your influence to help those who need it with your promotions.

5. [+5,573, -3,347] Sigh, why are people being so harsh on them even after they apologized

6. [+1,837, -113] I'm surprised the scandal was even quiet for this long. They were surely statements that would've exploded sooner or later... Hopefully their apologies are genuine.

7. [+1,859, -392] "We didn't think it would hurt them"... That's scarier to think about

8. [+1,477, -128] I don't think Jang Dong Min's a trashy person... he's just catering to an audience that feels joy out of putting someone down, especially those weaker like women and retards. You can tell by internet comments already that people feel superior and joy out of putting others down... Please realize that you are all the precious son, daughter, brother, sister, and friend of someone.. Don't feel happiness in putting others own.


Source: Nate

1. [+851, -60] Just don't repeat your mistake and make sure to reflect over it...

2. [+803, -81] Apology accepted~ don't do that next time!!

3. [+795, -134] When is Yewon going to open a press conference

4. [+42, -29] I'm willing to pay to listen to their broadcast. I like that they're not fake about themselves and they're hilarious to boot. It's refreshing as a listener.

5. [+41, -13] I never liked Jang Dong Min but this makes me like him. It shows that he's a genuine person on the inside and that he knows how to properly handle situations when in a crisis. I thought of him as a gagman who only knew how to tell jokes but as a human being, I can relate to him now. What he said was wrong but when you're with friends, you can say all sorts of things just being swept in the moment. I hope they apologize genuinely and continue to promote on broadcast with a more matured mindset.