Jang Dong Min voluntarily steps down from 'Infinity Challenge' Sixth Man

Article: [Exclusive] Jang Dong Min voluntarily steps down from 'Infinity Challenge' Sixth Man project

Source: Sports World via Nate

1. [+535, -104] I get that what Jang Dong Min said was wrong but why was the scandal brought up only now when it happened last year?? He already apologized and did community service for it. Yeah, he's wrong, but it was never brought up before Sixth Man and now that he's about to be Sixth Man, the media brings it back up again. This is media play from another nominee.

2. [+519, -78] Can people please give this type of attention to government issues...

3. [+498, -76] Sounds like he'd rather not deal with all of you. Someone's media play was successful.

4. [+78, -20] I refuse to watch 'Infinity Challenge' if Kwanghee gets chosen.

5. [+75, -20] Star Empire sends another star to the grave... what a strong company.

6. [+69, -13] This is ridiculous... this is 100% planned by a rival agency. This scandal was never brought up when no one cared about him and now that he's in the headlines, this gets brought up. Definitely media play from a rival agency. Why only bring it up now that he's just moments away from being chosen?

7. [+63, -15] There's honestly no other nominee fit for the casting than Jang Dong Min... why is he leaving;;

8. [+57, -11] Then Jung Jun Ha should leave... he ran a prostitution house. Noh Hong Chul got caught drunk driving... Jung Hyung Don has a picture sucking on the breast of a female statue.. Gil got exempt from the military for who knows what reason. Now that boring Kang Kyun Sung is going to become the Sixth Man...


Source: Naver

1. [+4,061, -387] Let's just stick to the five

2. [+2,963, -234] Just keep it five and bring in a guest when you need another member

3. [+3,198, -608] Uhhh....... then who's going to be the Sixth Man..

4. [+2,144, -446] Hul????

5. [+1,736, -409] Aigooooo....

6. [+943, -88] Feels like this Sixth Man hunt is lost in the mountains..

7. [+1,002, -159] At this rate, they might as well get rid of Sixth Man altogether

8. [+1,063, -388] Yoo Se Yoon should leave his shows too for talking about sl*ts and rape. He should get psychological help... these people aren't normal.

9. [+727, -77] A few words can really become so scary for your career

10. [+726, -124] Keep it to the five